Black People : Abusive Relationship


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Dec 12, 2002
Has anyone on here ever been in an abusive relationship? What I mean by that is emotionally or mentally abusive. If so, what kind of things was done that told you that you were being abused? How did you find a way to get out of that if it was hard to determine at first whether or not you was being abused?


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Jun 10, 2008
I hope both women and men respond in this thread because mental abuse is not a gender thing but a cross cultural, geographical humanitarian issue.


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Dec 12, 2002
yeah this is definitely not just one gender. both genders do this. I just want some insight from the members here on experience.


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Apr 21, 2007
Has anyone on here ever been in an abusive relationship? What I mean by that is emotionally or mentally abusive. If so, what kind of things was done that told you that you were being abused? How did you find a way to get out of that if it was hard to determine at first whether or not you was being abused?

I've been in both...I think the mental abuse was way worse then the physical, only because it lasted longer.

I was down in Oakland supposed to be visiting my ex, trying to work things out...and only staying there for a week...he ended up not taking me to the airport and I couldn't leave his house unless he was with me...not only that before I left I gave him some money to help out with rent expecting him to pay me back before I left (reason being is I had known him for 15 years and trusted him)...well come to find out while I was down there he was on something brand new...he was drinking "lean" (aka syrup, sizzrup...etc..DM), and he was on one...He even pulled a gun out on me...if I was on the phone with my mom he would be ease dropping somewhere....I was there for a month and only left the house twice (meaning got on the BART and went somewhere)...After he pulled the gun out on me I was on serious trip mode...He would hide my things from me and tell me I couldn't get it back till he was ready to give it back...He would let me go to the store by myself but I'd have to come back...I could have left, but I was freaked the hell out...there was days he would be nice, then switch up real quick.
After awhile he finally gave me my money after practically begging him and telling him I needed to go home to my I finally got taken to the airport by his homeboy.
The house and him were a mental prison...I felt so drained of what was inside of me.
At first I really didn't know what to think, till the gun came out.

The physical abuse one didn't last soon as he started putting hands on me and pushing me into things and breaking things in my house, it was a don' don' datta.

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