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Jan 21, 2004
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As I have stated in a previous post, I have been away working on a number of books and doing original research. Here is one of the upcoming texts that I think members of this aspect of the forum would appreciate. For those who have been wondering, this text below also has my response to Dr. Wesley Muhammad on the origin of the Egyptian god "Ra" and the origin of the god "Allah" among the Semites.

Book Release Date: January 1, 2020
Pre-Sale Price: $29.99 + shipping (regular price $45.00 + shipping)
Link: PURCHASE HERE (U.S. Only, for now)

Aaluja Vol. II: Cyena-Ntu Religion and Philosophy, picks up where Aaluja Vol. I left off and continues its efforts to situate current discourses concerning major Ancient Egyptian religious and philosophical themes within their proper African contexts. Drawing from an array of modern African languages and cultures, Asar Imhotep illuminates the primary assumptions, principles and concepts upon which African culture(s) and world-view are structured. He then utilizes these characteristics—which are shared among the ancient Egyptians—to provide us with the necessary conceptual grounding for a critical reassessment and reinterpretation of the major concepts and ideas that gave ancient Egypt its salience. Aaluja Vol. II adopts a new linguistic model, which Asar calls Cyena-Ntu (formally Negro-Egyptian), to provide the necessary framework in which to understand, on a scientific basis, the shared historical and cultural connections to be found within the Cyena-Ntu language family. This Vol. highlights more the role the ciBantu languages play in our understanding of ancient Egyptian language and philosophy. With the help of the Sumerian language, Aaluja Vol. II provides the necessary evidence for the argument that the ancient Egyptian language is a ciBantu language and that Ancient Egyptian religion and philosophy IS ciBantu philosophy. A parallel objective of this work is to aid in the reconstruction of the greater Cyena-Ntu religion via characteristic survivals among its daughter communities. This stimulating book will be appreciated by students, scholars and general readers alike and is a major contribution to the fields of Egyptology and Africology.



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Jan 21, 2004
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Aaluja Vol. II: Cyena-Ntu Religion and Philosophy (Jan. 2020) has a mission that is unique from most texts written about African religions. One major difference is that it is a comparative study that seeks connections between African wisdom traditions based on their language family connections (i.e., Cyena-Ntu or Negro-Egyptian). Another major difference is that it seeks to measure the antiquity of certain modern African practices by comparing them to similar practices evident in ancient Egyptian and Sumerian texts. The combination of the language ties, plus the concepts and practices written down in ancient texts as old as 3000 BCE, grounds certain modern African practices in antiquity and can be assumed to be present among the original speakers of the proto-language (i.e., Post-Classic Cyena-Ntu). Some of the objectives of Aaluja Vol. II are as follows:

  • To seek out valid and accurate information about indigenous African ways of knowing and being from the perspective of their own epistemological orientations.
  • To properly define key terms and concepts in indigenous African wisdom traditions.
  • To provide valid etymologies for some of Africa’s major religious vocabulary to better understand African religious concepts in order to extrapolate the initial motivations for certain religious practices and motifs.
  • To be able to distinguish priestly knowledge based in reality vs. information rooted in speculation (e.g., based in paronymy).
  • To discover, document, and organize indigenous African pedagogical techniques.
  • To reconstruct African wisdom traditions of related African communities using modern scientific tools of analysis.
  • To mine timeless values and useful practices as conceptual grounding to construct an African-American wisdom tradition without all the baggage and shortcomings of traditional African systems.

Pre-Order Your Copy Today!

Pre-Sale Price $29.99 + shipping (regular $45 + shipping)

Link: https://***************/shop-market/books/aaluja-vol-ii-cyena-ntu-religion-and-philosophy



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