Black Poetry : A winner with a brain to be entertained by boys I try enjoys but the love talk become noise under my


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May 11, 2006
A winner with a brain
to be entertained
by boys I try enjoys
but the love talk become noise
under my dress is cake and treasure
and no wonder boys take pleasure
in trying for a date
and crying for cake
I'm a KOREAN wet chick
and being I get a kick
out of this when I strut butt
and boys again try git some
and benefit from
trap rap got my thumbs
up and sometimes have to duck
so I create and design
and be great online
my skirt is down it's peach
pie under it can only teach
kimchee love so galore boys
wanna kiss it in bed make noise
going crazy on it
flowing much gravy doggone it
I'm oriental cream in the cup
while you dream up
some love words stuck
on paper and with luck
become a Raider of a Lost Ark
his bandanna alone
could become like INDIANNA JONES
being wet and sweet
have to get to my feet
with a plan and luck
and must stand up
chase what I'm believing
wanna grab my waist stat squeezing
oh KOREAN girls go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH and really a hot
chick with chop sticks and boys try drop
it like it's hot, and the wind try blow up
my skirt so I stay on do-nut alert cup
of coffee with cream as I softly lean
and duck my head or get stuck in bed seem
a task that never go away, my skin an
oriental yellow sentimental and mellow no can
do from the bedroom standpoint
my lips are red blooms boys plan to anoint
because a lie can spoil you
now it's time to apply oil to
the truth, for a length of time
you're convinced online
you'll have strength if you find
my bedroom and get you some
my lips play a red tune bet rum
is a part of this you start to twist
my brain as your kiss flame brisk
like a box of matches and this
too is hot a lot I'm not a THOT
so stop joking my breast flop
and poking in a bless drop top
hoping remember in November
one boy took me to dairy Queen
and spoke very keen
about my beauty I jest blushed
he jest looked had a crush
on me, oh my KOREAN blood rushed
bought me an ice cream cone
really wanted to take this queen home
and my panties was wet like a milk shake
and my breast was sticking out he saw great
cake on the horizon when on a date
it's dumb no doubt
to come out
wearing blue panties that
jest run a boy nuts so hats
off to the underwear its thunder
down there, got drastic lace
wonder does every basket case
know this? Its a smoking recipe
and my thighs open sesame
“OK LOOK BOO I use words fast
but think I heard a splash
that could be MOBY DICK or flipper
when I see a chick I fix my zipper
its legal and feeble like the Beatles a day tripper
tried to eat a pizza
then apply for visa
in affair phony and corrupt
because I had to pony up
the cash I'm hiding this could
be clash of the Titans all good
boo gonna boast my plan
to where you are close at hand
that make the flavor good
take it to the neighborhood
look I was at Walmart
somewhere in the ballpark
road so look I been craving
for a chick my car is boss
and it's not parked far off
from here so panties get tossed
as is kiss that red lip gloss
love hitting all parts of your body
really gitting to start a party
convinced in America
that it's the strength of character
I'm concern lover
wanna burn rubber
to take you home
and get your cake alone
and make a phone call
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May 11, 2006
and make a phone call”
NAW PLAYER sex is a phat trend
located at the end
of your goal and then
me being KOREAN have to duck
these love words or get struck
in the head end up stuck in bed
boys be all between my thighs
getting a bunch of cream pies
scream and cries
when they go deep
and flow a heap
of love rap
hug and trap
like a dog he said bow wow oh no
and wouldn't allow me to go
love word hit my ears like Q-tips
he used some true scripts
and now shucks a few drips
are in my panties for real
guess this is complex deal
could be considered sex appeal
its dope how you desire lace
around your oak fireplace
smoke down that require you to erase
that thought about going to bed

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