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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
Hello naija-man:

There have been thousands of white missionaires in Africa. They have been coming to Africa since the early days of the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade. Their mission is to spread Chrisitianity to the African heathen, little did they know that Christianity already existed in Africa (it was practiced in places like Axum over a thousand years before the coming of Europeans) Many of these missionaires have professed a "love" for Africa and its peoples. However, historically missionaires have served two purposes. The obvious purpose of spreading the gospel, and the less obvious purposes of feeding information about Africa back to their European homelands. It was through missionaires that Europe learned much of the information they used to conquer Africa. Also missionaires have committed some horrible sexual abuses against Africans. Not to say all of them have been bad, but they have done as much harm as good on the motherland. In either case, most missionaries eventually return to their homelands (as did the woman in the article you posted). As a result I would call them more guest (in some cases unwelcomed guest), than citizens.

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1619+400=2019 Jamestown Virginia...end of slavery. (Yes modern miseducation and injustices count as slavery) But no proper reparations will be given since the amount of contributions beyond humanity transcends generations. Our people have history that is equal to trillions of dollars including Melanin research and its supernatural power.
I want my people to be aware of this dilemma regarding the upcoming election... I know politics. Yes Trump is admitting the truth about Black People building this so called country corporation (The United States). But you must understand that what they're planning on doing is to divide and conquer. This is all just for him to get re-elected. He's going to promise reparations and reneg at the last minute.
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