Black People : A white man who wrote and ask blacks not to trust his race a honest one at last!


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Dec 18, 2014

White Man Warns All Black People: “Don’t Trust White People”
  • Published on February 4, 2017

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Thomas Timothy Tart

Executive Administrator at Private Company

By: Unknown


Every once in a while, certain people from the dominant society will act as whistleblowers on white supremacy. Especially certain white people who themselves are marginalized within white society.

Recently a gay/trans white man who goes by the name of Dakota Bracciale made a bold posting on his Facebook page regarding race. He warned Melanoid people that systematic white supremacy is so deep in this society, that no white people should be trusted.

An Open Letter to People of Color:

Please do not trust white people.

Every single one of us is racist, it’s something we were born and raised into, we were and are consistently indoctrinated into white supremacy.

Indifference and apathy towards systemic racism and it’s horrific results is not just more comfortable, it is incentivized; we are actively rewarded by white supremacy in it’s many forms for ignoring people of color and their cries for injustice.

Our bones are riddled with it, it’s everywhere.

We were taught the the history of our nation through textbooks written by white men with a vested interest in how the story was and is being told.

So we think that MLK Jr is the patron saint of polite black folks (to be invoked against the angry ones), peanut butter is the extent of black excellence, and according to the newest textbooks, slaves were just unpaid interns.

We were brought up being given medicine designed for us by white men, men who historically tortured black women and murdered black babies to found gynecology, men who performed surgeries on black people without any anesthesia and no precautions because it was believe that black people can not feel pain.

And you wonder why we do not sympathize when black children are gunned down by police?

Nothing stopped, the framework of systemic racism just keeps getting dressed differently, yesterday’s fire hoses and attack dogs are today’s cultural appropriation, tone policing and respectability politics.

We are the ones who committed genocide, stole this land, and now, generations later, think it’s cool to dress up like the folks we massacred.

We’re the ones making fun of people who can’t speak “perfect” English, we’re the ones who’ve come up with every single racial slur used in this country.

We’re so much more concerned about you questioning us, telling us no or calling us out than we are what you’re actually experiencing at our hands.

We will spent countless hours just poking at you, trolling you just to prove you’re this less intellectual, overly emotional animal, to get you to fail a standard we set for you without ever clueing you in on it.

We are the ones who built this country on the blood, the bodies and the backs of people of color and then built Mt Rushmore, statues, monuments to white men.

We rigged the economy, the government and the schools, created the ghettos, set you up for failure and then we blame you for your not pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.

We are still making you defend yourselves, over and over ad infinitum. We make you defend your personhood, your autonomy, your agency, your decency, your humanity because when you keep minorities on the defensive, when you keep them explaining who they are and justifying their right to life – nothing real ever gets done.

Even though I’m queer, even though I’m trans, I still get to sit in the “Whites Only” section and I have heard what gets said and I’m begging you, please don’t trust us.


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May 30, 2015
We already know not to trust them. We don't need a White homosexual transsexual to tell us what we already know. Does he or she expect us all to now flock to support his or her issues in the same manner that White feminists expect Black women to carry the weight of theirs? I have no clue, but what I do know is that no information was given by this person that warrants some massive appreciation from our people. Just the knowledge that this person felt the need to tell us something that is absolutely obvious to us shows that the person also has a low opinion of our intelligence as a people.


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Dec 18, 2014
:SuN041:i don't trust him.....
This open letter should be printed and distributed to all African Americans 30 and under.
The ones who feel an in depth study of Black history from slavery until our current time isn't necessary anymore because they never witnessed the evolution of African Americans from the pre civil rights and civil rights era and post civil rights era when doors in education, jobs, and housing began to open for us all because of the signing of the civil rights act of 1964.

It is their generation that saw the election of Barack Obama as the first Black American President. And it is their generation that thrives under a false assumption that we live in post racial society.

Whites never changed they just took their once very open racism and hid (with the same attitudes) underground.
To me this white man's written admission is no surprise not all. Every now and then I am relayed an true tale from another sister or brother about a racist experience they went through or what they heard another black man or woman had gone through with a racist white.

My daughter went to visit an old school friend who lives in southern Indiana. She was warned never stop in any of the small cities or town along the way to get gas or rest because these locations are predominately white and they don't welcome blacks. Her friend spoke of a experience she had in once when stopping for gas. All the whites in the service station were angry she entered so angry at her presence she made a special point to hurry away as fast as she could.

And you call this post racial America.
So glad the white man who wrote this letter was honest about still racist and 2018 carefully disguised racial attitudes whites have.
Nothing has changed, nothing at all.


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Dec 18, 2014
You are definitely on the mark with this comment NNQ. It's one thing to possess zero knowledge of ones history but to ignore or avoid it will most assuredly guarantee that it will repeat itself. Thanks for posting.
You are welcome. Thank you for appreciating my opinions

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