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Feb 26, 2008
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Peace Family,

I heard about this website on Tom Joyner's morning show. I decided to forward it to everyone because it is something that we all be aware of and involved in. Maybe we should get our own "year" going.



Jul 2, 2003
Thanks for sharing Sister Bootzey.

Looks like they have spent half of a good salary so far. If they stay on this track. They will spend about $70,000 on black owned businesses.

To make a difference we could go on-line and perform with trust and good customer service. Take the cable solution. Group together a good selection of channels and refuse to let HBO and the others put those info-mercials on. Sell good programming. Set up a installation business. It should be so you can pick and choose and put your own package togther. I would not buy 48 music channels out of my 150 channels they sell. Basically create more on-line commerance. From around the country. Someone in each City / State should put together a good source book of great Black Business. It would be a great seller. Black owned banks. I didn't read this couple used one. There are a few remaining.

Good contractors get a bad rap, becuase of bad contractors. used only licened Black owned contrators for accountability.

Apply for free wholesale licences.. State Franchise Tax Board. sell goods at Flea markets. Cost ten dollars to set-up.. or sell them from your yard. ( Place them on a blanket or tarp on the ground.. things will sell faster. Certain things you cant put downthee. But try the concept. It makes a difference. Something about a table of new stuff.. people think it will cost too much. So they are afraid to approach ) Pay the taxes to the state or loose it. Follow the laws when using the license. Buy Wholesale.

Sell Retail. Products you buy you can use some for yourself. As samples to show and display. Search for online wholesale suppliers. pool family cash. Buy tires, toys, jewelry and leather goods. Baby Goods sell very well.

Get business minded. Open a business. Working never makes you rich. Paying little or no taxes can make you better off. As a business things change. Car cost and expenses become a deduction. Dry cleaning, portion of your rent if you use your home or apartment. Your computer and internet cost all write offs. Entertainment and gifts $25.00 limit. To customers and perspective customers. Everyone you know is a perspective. Makes gift giving easy at Christmas time easy. Just in time to write it all off. Products or Services. There is nothing else.

If you own a field or piece of land. Grow apples and fruit. Sell them. Let the kids open lemon-aid stands from your trees. Take care of the children always. Tell them about sites like for seasonal crafts, toys and stuff. Hold a Carnival on your block for the kids.

Apply for a Coupon. Order your 2 free $40.00 cards for this DTV transition. by July. Tell your neighbors.

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