Black People : A social Illusion

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Social Illusion Of A Black Society Based Powernomic in America, And More!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

You can identify the ******, the colored Afrikan American, the Negro American by the question they ask when being informed about the Divine Truth concerning our historic status of being exposed to Racism and unjust prejudice, they only ask what can be done to change our status in America, and my response to such a elementary question coming from a so call grown up mind is you can do nothing, the Black Afrikan American experience in America is set in the caste of oppression dressed up in lies and deception and the negro American desire to Divine solution to the evil we suffer today in America because they can not reach the level of Mind that require for the Black Afrikan to reject America and Rejecting America is liken to taking the first step that lead to Afrika and Black Afrikans Freedom, not Civil Rights integration assimilation but to Afrika and Black Afrikan Freedom to be in Afrika and the goal of Freedom for Afrika and Black Afrikan people everywhere on this earth will only come through and by being in possession of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation and no believe ******, Negro American Mind wants to hear te Divine Truth about what be the solution to Black Afrikans having a change of Living status on this earth!!!

Beloved Diaspora Black Afrikans in America not by choice, I give less than a **** who it might be telling to you different scenarios about what to do to lighten your burden in America environment of Racism and unjust prejudice and they are not sharing with you the Divine Truth about the direction we Black Afrikans must travel if the goal is Freedom and if not then what in the chosen Hell of America are you talking about complaining about how evil and deadly America Racism and Prejudice is to Black Afrikan people?

Anybody who makes claim to be about solving the problem of the brutality Black Afrikans suffers by being in a white racist America world and does not hold up to you the issue of Reparation/Repatriation that must be fought to obtain if Freedom is Black Afrikans goal, then you are being sold a bill of lies that maintain your caste system of oppression, there is no change for the ****** and negro Americans who have not the quality of mind to reject America as being our place to reside in and ignore Afrika as being the place where Freedom for the Black Nationalist Pan Afrikans must reside and that freedom is invested in our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation!!!

I choose to take the short cut and cut right to the Chase, to share the Divine Truth with Black Afrikan people about the state of condition of the Black Afrikans Race in America and the World, yes that includes Afrika as well and the chase of the Divine Truth let you know that there is no economic salvation for Black Afrikan people in America, thus in the world of white Racist Unjust Prejudice Luciferian Human Beings.

I see no need of discussing with Black Afrikan people the method and tactics white racist used to secure the caste of Black Afrikans being of the status of property owned by white racist prejudice Luciferian Human Being and to tell Black Folks that the America Constitution does not apply to Black Afrikan people in term of having guarantee rights, Freedom, and independence, and yes, the enslaving of Black Afrikan people was blessed by the most powerful religious institution on earth, the Catholic Church granted by the Pope of that religious institution which gave the approval to enslave Afrika and Black Afrikan people as a race, yes, it is as if God is in favor of creating a Race-based identity specifically to be identified as Black Afrikan people, who is without rights to be compared to the rights of the white world society.

If you are Black and you are of the age of maturity and you are with want to be educated about the history of your present world status in comparison to white people as a society, then having that want verify that you realize that there is a difference in the world social status of Black Afrikans in comparison to white people world society status and what you should realize is that there is something more than meet the eye of Black Afrikans that indicate there be a difference in the social-economic religious-political status between Black Afrikans and white people in America and the world.

So, I will use my time dealing with what must be realized to be the solution to the problem Black Afrikans are confronted with and that solution is that Black Afrikans must reject America as being a place where Black Afrikans should reside if the Black Afrikans are to create a society of our own and create a power base that Black Afrikans control, that being your desire, then you Black Afrikan woman and man must get the hell out of America and take your Black behind back to Afrika but not without the Reparation/Repatriation America owes to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors!!!

Once your Black Afrikan behind is Free and secure, then you can study to get to know all you desire to know about the evil that caused the downfall of Afrika and Black Afrikan people, but know this, there ain't gonna be no redistribution of wealth that include your Black America behind, no equal treatment, no inclusion in America white society unconditionally, your stay in America will be that of a slaving indentured servant having you masquerading in America as an America Black American citizen.

: I have shared this Divine Truth with you much time, there is no Freedom to come to your Black behind as long as you remain in America pretending to be free Black Afrikan Americans, believing that voting indicates you being free there is a contradiction in identifying your Black self as such, making such a claim.

The Black Afrikan in America not by choice salvation is invested in the Reparation/Repatriation America refuse to pay to our Enslaved Ancestors and as long as we ignore the obligation we have to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation/Repatriation and to demand from America payment to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation/Repatriation so that we will return to Afrika, then the status of the Black world will continue to decline to become a caste slave pretending to be free.

Divine Respect

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Dr. Claud Anderson Discusses America's Race Based Society, PowerNomics + More

Dr. Claud Anderson Discusses America's Race Based Society, PowerNomics +...

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