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Jun 25, 2013
The spirit... Synonymous with words like conscience and soul. A piece of the whole. A singular disposition of togetherness. A togetherness that forms a greater body. The whole consisting of a multitude of universes. The body of a god/serpent/higher power. Or simply something or someone that is greater than us. And inside each and everyone of us, is another multitude of universes. A never ending spectrum of positives and negatives convulsing to each other and perpetuating energy, manifesting life. To ask if the rock is alive is asinine. For the purpose of the rock is to provide for the living, and therefore has became a part of life. And to deny the rock it's spirit, is to deny the earth is living. And how could one blasphemy the mother? And to know that it is done everyday since the record of history. The selling of the soul. And all of her majesties gifts.
Bc we are one of the same, even if there are those who believe they are from another planet. We all share a conscience with the earth. Therefore telepathy is not a phenomena, but more of a lost gift. Scientifically, we produce low range radio frequencies. Also receive lrf. The earth naturally produces lrf thru the electromagnetic sphere, to keep us all insync with the planetary needs. Unfortunately, things have been manipulating the swing of nature since the record of history.
Now we have to worry about pseudo telepathy thru the use of RFID chips, the GWEN towers, and the secret sound spectrums placed in businesses and companies that could use the sway of conscience manipulation. In fact there are actually patents on such devices. Google ssss. Secret sound spectrum systems.
To label all the problems would takes years to accomplish. And the list would continue to grow even if ever thing wrong with the world could ever be written. So the best thing one could hope to achieve, is to explain nature and the way things work in a healthy Ecosystem/ body.
First things first. We as humanity must first understand the earth as a living organism, part of a larger system, beyond manimal speculation. Refer to Gaia hypothesis as starting lit.
Second, as a manimal, understanding our place in this complicated ecosystem. "The book of genesis said something to the effect of, mans was to tend to the fields and the the creatures of the earth". Not to slaughter, capture and annihilate, and or sell to the highest bidder.
Third, understanding something as minuscule as a single cell bacteria, has a greater purpose than an average human being can conceive. A cockroaches purpose may not be known to you, but it knows what it is doing. And cattle should have a real chance at life, running the plains chewing its cud instead of being exploited and wasted.
For its purpose if far greater than dinner for a wk. if you let it roam all the gardens would be fertilized.
Forth, life is everlasting. Unfortunately, we live to die. Or do we die to live? The old mythology of the Phoenix is a perfect example of life. The firebird is born from its ashes, and lives a bright an brilliant life until the flame burns out. Then it returns to ash, only to be born again. In the human body, a single cell will live its life, reproduce, and die. A replica of the dead cell will take its place.
Fifth, manimal are king of other animals, in the kingdom of earth. And other animals will follow their lead.
Sixth, Man was made to be monogamous. In a nucleus, a living atom is formed by a proton, neuron, and electron. A male and female held together by an energy force. Remember earlier how I wrote of low range frequencies. And telepathy. Love is the strongest energy that mans telepathic brain can produce. Well besides hate, but, they are in fact the same emotion. An electron is produced when opposites attract. The yin and yang. The forces of energy and life itself. If there was day, there had to be night. A cold for the hot. Fire and ice. Man and woman.
After the forming of a healthy nucleus. A cell can and will form around it. And then can reproduce itself. But if you look at modern day society, you will see nothing less than a cancer growing uncontrollably. View heathy cells next to cancer cells and see for yourself. When I view cancer cells, i think metropolis. I think l.a. New York. I think large city, where without imports, would be unsustainable.
I see fat people in wheelchairs, and think laziness begotten you, and now you reap your reward. I see convenient stores sells poisons at the convenience of the buyer. But then I realize, domesticated manimals know not of purpose, and have lost instinct. Trading their connection to the earth for a connection to cable tv. Manimal has forgotten thus spirit it seeks. But it has never left them.
There is a plethora of great knowledge in all the books of the religions. All pertaining to the above written. You would have to first care. Then exercise discernment and a better judgement to pick thru the propaganda employed over the millennia/s. and most indigenous religions relate to these teachings. Even voodun/voodoo.
Seventh, man must understand his spirit/soul/conscience. And start to enforce it in his conscious life.
Now that everything has came back around full circle. Please enjoy a slice of pi.

Clyde C Coger Jr

going above and beyond
Nov 17, 2006
Welcome bro. 3point141519 that's a big slice of pie, 7 points, thanks ... enjoy the Site.


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