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Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
A Sign That Will Declare Black Afrikans Seriousness About Regaining Afrika And Black Afrikans Freedom

By Chief Elder Osiris

Stop Giving Your Money To Your Oppressors Causes And Contribute To Your Freedom!!!
You Black People on this Earth, started at the pinnacle of Divine Goodness, having all that you needed to maintain your relationship with the Divine Essence of all things, wanting for nothing and having all that you need.
But today, Black Afrikans been convinced to believe about our Black Self, that we have never had what we need and always been begging for what you want, such a mind as that, in possession of Black Afrikans, is the Mind of those who have succeeded in lying and deceiving Black Afrikans, which have Black Afrikans to be a Divided people today, and to be divided is a sign of weakness, never agreeing with each other about anything of Great value that will have Black Afrikans to be exposed to the Greater good to be in our possession.
You Black Afrikans started on this planet Earth as Divine Beings, Divinity is the primary ingredient of Freedom and what is free, live independently in the presence of Justice, an environment once common to Black Divine Beings, yet today, Black Afrikans have no recollection of our Divine State of living, simply because of the coming into our midst by the Human Being, a specie that serve as a cancer to the Black World, as Black people strive to become as Human as the Devil himself, we Black Folks serving to be a cancer unto our Black Self.
Have you Black Afrikans ever notice about the Brand New Black Human Beings, they whose want is to emulate Lucifer the Human Being, how that when something representing the Greater Good for Black Afrikans, how we Black Folks automatically ignore what is Divine for us Black Afrikans, and there is nothing more Divine for Black people than for us to regain possession of our Divine Mind, because with such, come freedom and independence, a state of mind that will have Afrika to become a United States Of Afrika and to have back into our possession the authority of the Continent of Afrika.
So, I have shared this necessity with Black Afrikans before and I will share this solution to our problems again, which is, if the desire is real among Black Afrikans to have a United States Of Afrika and to be in charge of the Continent of Afrika again, with freedom and Justice for all Black Afrikans in Afrika, then what is needed for Black Afrikans to do, is to realize that Freedom and Justice is not free, even though Black Afrikans lived with such pleasure before, and the reason why it is no more an enjoyment of Black Afrikans, it was taken away from us Black Afrikans.
Therefore, in order for Black Afrikans to enjoy Freedom and Justice again, it will not be given back to you, so, as it was taken from Black Afrikans, so must it be taken back, and as I have shared with you Black Afrikans, Freedom is not free.
So, what must Black Afrikans do if serious about reclaiming our Divine Mind, Collecting our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, having a United States Of Afrika, regaining authority over the Continent of Afrika, and enjoying freedom, peace, and joy again?
Well, Black Afrikans must become Trusting of each other again and see the wisdom in establishing a Afrika, Afrikan Liberation Foundation, an institution where Black Afrikans can contribute money to regaining our Divinity, a way of Living we long have abandoned.
In a World designed to be addicted to capitalism, whereas the saying goes, Money Talk and you know what walk into the abyss of Hell, which is where Black Afrikans not walk while living.
So, there need to be a foundation where Black Afrikans serious about returning to our Divine way of Living, can contribute to obtaining our Freedom, and when this happen, then the world will know that Black folks are through with grievous talking and is ready to act upon such grievants that has been ignored by the Devil himself, they who are indebted to our Enslaved Ancestors and to Black Afrikans people collectively.
You talk about organization but is not ready to do what it take to organize in the behalf of Black Afrikan people, without having the cancer to Black people involved in the Business of Black Afrikan people, and when we show a willingness to pay for our Freedom, the action we need to take to secure Afrika and Black Afrikan people, then and only then, will you begin to receive respect from the world.
It take a core of Pan Afrikan Black Nationalist who has and can generate the trust of freedom hungry Black Afrikans, to assemble the structure for a Black Afrikan Liberation Foundation.
I am available for further discussion of this matter at a personal conference with wise Black Afrikan, Pan Afrikan Nationalist.
Will you continue to ignore the apparatus that will secure our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and a United States Of Afrika, as well as the Continent Of Afrika?
Divine Respect

Chief Elder
Pan Afrikan Inter'Nationalist Movement (PAIN)
Sankofa Reparation / Repatriation Movement
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Keita Kenyatta

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Feb 7, 2004
Asante Sana for your write up my brother. In as much as I understand the seriousness of your writing and message, there are far too many of our own people who honestly could care less. There are far too many of our people in the bed with this beast physically, mentally and spiritually. Far too many of our people can not even elevate themselves from the brainwashing and conditioning of themselves on a spiritual level and do not care to as long as they have ample support from others like themselves to make them feel justified in their living death.

So deep has this become that, if Malcolm, King, Garvey and others were alive today, they would be killed faster than they were back in the day...and 9 times out of ten by our own people. People who are intrinsically a part of this system on every level that gives them a comfort that they feel that they wouldn't have were it not for this beast.

I fully understand that what is going on with us today is actually all our own fault on many levels. In saying this; I understand fully that where there is no enemy within, no enemy outside could ever harm us. It started with us and will end with us...either peacefully or matters not to me as long as it lines up with the end result of our own freedom and resurrection as a people on the divine level that we belong on.

Hetep Brother and Thanks, Once again!!!

Jan 22, 2001
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Our Beloved Chief Elder Osiris ... :bowdown: ... Welcome Home! ... :love:

It is wonderful to read, feel, and see you again ... :swings:

Much Much Love and Peace.



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