Black Poetry : a rapper is shot a martyr is born

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
for one more day she would like to stay

sailing down the Summers day where she and fish gale smiling

tall and strong she slips along I sang for her a song

when the Summer end we will rest again

cologne, Irish tweed caps & old watches

I write with the pen that swoons with ease

a steady diet of words sense the age of twenty three

a rapper is shot a martyr is born

we begin to flow

raps dawning is the earths reality

that sugar on the hill

like Kanye spitting music through fire

let words dangle jingle in your ear

mind groove over beats and move

a cafeteria is all one needed

raps dawning is the earths reality

that attitude no grace

Public Enemy freedom phrases

video poisoning normalizes that game

one whose diaper sages hasn't fallen to its ankles

his mother stands on the corner everyday until her relief check comes in

cobble streets have such luck as if burning skulls

pass the bronze facade of the coliseum

studying the pros of a guide book

shades frozen in a single hold

the elegance of decay

have more hills to climb
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