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Aug 19, 2016
I am a Caucasian but thanks to Destee I love this well moderated and respectful forum.
It gives a chance for a meaningful exchange needed in our country that we all share and see it moving through a troubled time.
My niece and nephew are half African, they were born in Guinea, West Africa.
I voted for Barack Obama twice and still think that he is a great president and comparatively - a man of peace.
I detest Trump, white supremacists, I wish the whole globe peace and focus on the glory of the future. I also think that many of my white brothers are spiritually lost by planning to vote for such a negative, anti-American type as Donald.
I think as a moderate I have some speaking rights on this forum.

So, how to bridge the gap and sooth this pain of racial disharmony?
Naturally, by mutual empathy and attention to concerns. Speaking and listening, in any order.

Racial issues are not new in the world.
China and Chinese are a good example.

By 19-th century China was occupied by Manchu people and their Qing dynasty, starting with 17-th century. It was a corrupt, chaotic, xenophobic society and aroused only scorn by freedom-loving travelers from Western world who were asked to perform humiliating kow-tow rituals. A few decades after the contact a conflict with imperialist powers began and China was badly defeated (Opium wars). By that time China and in fact most of Asia were considered backward and second sort, needing mentorship and opening to civilization.

But what about today?

Do we still consider China and Chinese inferior in any regard? Not if we are sane.

China is only second to the USA in production of intellectual property and inventorship, China created its own hydrogen bomb within 2 years - faster than any Caucasian power, China produces 25% of global industrial output, 24 Nobel prizes including very serious works in nuclear physics are attributed to China.

Chinese people are industrious, they have ancient, tested by centuries traditions of learning, they value both physicality and intellect, they contributed to the world by big things - gunpowder, paper, marten steel process and these old gifts became more appreciated in light of the today's achievements.

The successes of China eliminated any notion of arrogance.
You cannot in your heart treat your equal as a junior.

And with RESPECT came acceptance. Now - the Asians and Caucasians intermarry, mix gladly, there are zero issues of discrimination. I don't know how to be white in China, but being a Chinese in the USA is like to be Irish or Polish or Italian or Jewish. The race issue ceased to be. What is gone is gone. Even if China is not a friend, it is treated respectfully because they are peers now.

They are not ideal. But walking in China Town at 11 pm you don't feel the same insecurity and the need to be vigilant to your environment that you feel in some other places in our country.
They still have nasty gangs, racket, connection to mainland criminal groups. But as a guest of their district, you - man or woman - know that your persona most likely is not going to be violated. Being cheated - this is another story.

Likewise, police in the Asian suburbs also feels relaxed, not jittery, not suspicious to the intent of the men they meet.

Indians (from India) are very dark in complexion, darker than my dear niece I would say.
But they are perceived as totally white - in behavior. They love knowledge, they are curious to the world, they work hard to develop their community and country and it is moving forward - it develops new pharmaceuticals, spacecraft, aviation carriers, its economy grows at 6% a year.

Ethiopians - now build huge infrastructure and develop industry. Every time I meet Ethiopian girls my heart melts. They do not shy from any work, they are not held back by the memories of colonial past, they forgave - and for me they are sisters, I can gladly marry one.

Remember words "napalm", "vacuum bombs"? They were tested in Viet-Nam. But again, despite all wrongs the USA is looked upon favorably by 80% of Vietnamese population. They also forgave and they are brotherly welcome here - without reservations.

It is not race that defines who we are, it is we who define our race.

May be the cause of all problems are the toxic minorities within each community - the people possessed by the spirit of hate? May be by setting a wrong example daily they mislead the majorities - ready to unite in one rainbow and march together into the glory of the future?
This applies to all. I am scared of Trump's advent as much as any of you. I am very grateful that he will be probably stopped by collective minority vote.

But BLM was a significant factor in his rise. A part of Caucasian community worried by the inner city aggression and violence began to look for a champion. Poor souls! They just have proven that they are not wiser than anyone else.

Hopefully everyone involved - after defeating Trump as a priority - all constituencies and forces in the country rethink their ways.

We all cannot continue as before.


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Aug 27, 2010
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Hello, and welcome to Destee:band:

I hope you enjoy your stay and find the insight you seek....



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Feb 9, 2001
Hopefully everyone involved - after defeating Trump as a priority - all constituencies and forces in the country rethink their ways.

We all cannot continue as before.
Hello and welcome to Destee! :wave:

I understand what you are saying but I'm learning that "hope" is passive and means little and will not bring about the results hoped for if people aren't willing to step out and actually do something that directly impacts the situation.

In my opinion, hope is for spectators. It's for people who aren't willing to step away from the crowd and fight for what they believe in. Hoping is a safe way to live--keeps you inside your comfort zone because you're not willing to die for what you believe. People who do nothing but hope are those that quickly throw up their hands in surrender at the first sign that nothing is changing.

A revolution is never built on hope, its built on direct action, grit and determination. Change is built on belief and personal integrity, not hope.

Our problem is we have become so conditioned and accustomed to this way life in the US that we've gotten comfortable because the KKK ain't knocking on our doors every night dragging us out of beds and lynching us on the nearest tree, and burning crosses in our yards. We don't live in constant fear like our ancestors did who many would have rather died than live a life of suffering and pain. The more future generations lose the memory of what our ancestors went through, the more tamed and accepting our people will become and nothing will change. This will not be the case with the power elite because their ability to maintain their power in the future depends on what they learn from their past.

So if this paints an ugly picture for you and one you don't want to accept, let's not hope, let's do.


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Apr 7, 2013
Okay, then you are up for a debate. China is hugely discriminative, especially against their own women. Girl children are not wanted and while some of these girl babies are actually kept, hopefully the rest get to the adoption facilities. There is trouble now because all those boy children have grown up to find there is not enough girls for wives.

Citizens are watched and few get to travel freely. There are reports of work camps tantamount to slavery.
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