Chevron Dove : A Publication Made Public Again, after 60+ Years, But Why the Change?

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May 7, 2009
A PUBLICATION MADE PUBLIC again, after 60+ Years, But Why the Change?
A Planetarium Version of THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM

When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.

This 22 minute scientific presentation that has ran for 60+ years of THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM show of which gives the actual date of CHRISTMAS DAY, or THE BIRTHDAY OF JESUS CHRIST which was, April 17 [April 16 at 6:00 P.M.], has finally been made public in the form of a you tube publication that was just released this past month on March 8, 2013. To my surprise it was released only weeks before this government’s Easter Spring Holiday which was set to be observed on Sunday, March 31, 2013. Many Black American churches hold their ‘Easter programs’ at this time and believe it was around this time in spring that Jesus was Crucified. I remember about seven years ago in 2006 when I went to see this show at the planetarium in North Carolina and hearing in the film when it said that this show was famed for being aired for more than 50 years and was the longest running show in the world. It has been aired since the 1950s and shown in places all over the world and I remember hearing that it was only presented in three planetariums in America, the planetarium in North Carolina, one in Pennsylvania, and another one, however, about a year or so ago, the show in North Carolina was completely shut down. As a result, I made a phone call inquiry as to why the film could not be shown anymore and was told that it was due to new features added to the planetarium that did not comply with the old film version. I also asked if there were some type of script or publication due to the ages old research in the film presented or would there be another version made and was told that there was no script available and there would be no future version.
However, because I had a difficult time believing there was no script to support this long running publication, I decided to continue to research this planetarium show in more depth from time to time, and just happen to see this new you tube publication of the similar show I had seen in North Carolina and realize they are the same show that has ran for decades. However, this particular you tube version has been published and presented by the Burke Baker planetarium in Texas and after viewing I can see that although it appears to be the same show as the planetarium show in North Carolina, some drastic variations have been made to the content in many regards! Nevertheless, the information presented is absolutely mind blowing, startling, and crucial, and I think back to that time when I had stood in line at an almost sold out show and I was anxious to view the show because I wanted to confirm my research in that the birthday of Jesus was on the very same day of THE GREAT WORLD FLOOD, which was April 17. As I stood in line, I saw the many older White people dressed up in their Sunday best waiting to be seated to see this show and it perplexed me then and now as to why I had never heard about this show from the Black churches or even in school. Except for a few apparently foreign young college students that evening, my family and I were just about the only Black Americans in the audience. I’ve since shared this information with a number of Black church leaders and the Black church as a whole and they were totally surprised and dumbfounded at not ever hearing about this show that boast it has been THE LONGEST RUNNING CONTINUOUS SHOW IN THE WORLD AND HAS BEEN BROADCASTED ALL OVER THE WORLD.
For those of us who believe in Jesus as our savior, our entire being has been shaped around him and yet, the truth about one of the most important aspects of his presence on this earth has been completely blotted out from the Black Church instruction byway of the Separation of Church and State that followed hundreds of years of faulty education and interpretation, and then subsequent governmental actions in regards to our public education. Out of all of the 365 days in our Calendar year, the day that Jesus Christ was born, died, and resurrected should be the most vital three days of our lives to embrace today, yesterday, and forever!--more than any other days in the year. Due to this incredible form of deception and confusion about the birth of Jesus, many Black African American pastors continually make a preconditioned response and excuse from their pulpit for not knowing the truth and state to the lost sheep that ‘it doesn’t matter when Jesus was really born’ and fail to recognize the truth of which the very Bible can reveal and of which they should use to guide their flock. The very Covenant of God states that man does not live by bread alone but by EVERY WORD THAT COMES OUT OF THE MOUTH OF GOD [ST MATTHEW 4:4]. If the Creator institutes specific mandatory feast to be observed three times out of the year forever and Jesus was born during one of these observances and the star marks his birth date down to the very day, then of course he wants us to know this truth. Jesus says that ‘except your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you shall in NO CASE enter into the kingdom of God [ST MATTHEW 5:20]. If the Bible is truth and the Holy Spirit is truth, then our pastors should gain a knowledge and understanding of this truth and make it known.
The Creator has revealed the EXACT birth date, Crucifixion date, and Resurrection date of Jesus and therefore, through research and obedience to God, we should know this truth completely by now, yet Black ministers continue to feed the church the same deception that was fed to our ancestors. Furthermore, this planetarium experience in the past and presence, would be a major piece of evidence as to how deceptive this government has operated against the truth and it should be addressed by those who seek to enter into the kingdom of God. This system has caused much confusion. This supposedly scientific and historical planetarium PUBLICATION has always been made available to the PUBLIC strategically, and now it has been made PUBLIC again on the internet, but it should not be a wonder as to why it was really not made PUBLIC in THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEMS and in the American educational curriculums in the past! Now perhaps though, after this you tube PUBLICATION has been further debauched for the Black African American PUBLIC to gain access to today, ‘they’ will try and add it to the school systems in these last days to try and prove to God that they made it available in every way to the PUBLIC but ‘your Black creations are just too dumb to understand truth and that‘s what we‘ve been trying to tell you for about 6000 years!’ LOL! Anyway, without further adieu, following is the you tube PUBLICATION of a planetarium rendition of The Star of Bethlehem Show and afterwards my comments about some of the confusion and BLASPHEMY presented:

A Review of this 2013 Publication of The Burke Baker Planetarium-

Then Herod, when he had privily called the wise men, inquired of them diligently what time the star appeared. ST MATTHEW 2:7.
The Star of Bethlehem show in Texas was markedly different from the North Carolina show because unlike the North Carolina show of which offered only one date of April 17 when the Star phenomena occurred, on the other hand, the Texas production showed the April 17th occurrence but they offered other dates and scenarios leading up to April 17 and afterwards with no explanation as to why their scenario was a contradiction to other records. Unlike the Texas show, the North Carolina production showed a re-enactment of the star movements on that day [evening], however the Texas rendition shows a totally different account of what happened on that day in April 17 during the year that the Star of Bethlehem was recorded to have marked the birth of Christ. Furthermore, unlike the show in North Carolina, the Texas show totally dispels the occurrence of the Star of Bethlehem completely as being literal and and therefore portrayed as a result that the wise men trekked all that way not to experience a literal star appearance but they only came to experience a vision or some kind of star miracle that cannot be scientifically tracked or explained. In other words, the producers of the Texas show obviously concluded that the wise men and Herod wasted their time deliberating over this prophetical star that was in fact recorded to have actually been witnessed. The Texas show also proposes that the account of the wise men had to have been a lie in that they never saw ‘a star appear in the east’ that they were able to follow and confirm. The Texas show in essence portray that the wise men were basically chasing pink elephants and not using scientific methods to travel and follow a star movement that led them to a ‘ground zero’ point. We would have to believe that these wealthy wise men were not that wise at all but they were just visionaries who just came together to travel in a caravan, stopped at a house, went inside, gave gifts of gold and etc. and fell down and worshiped a foreign child, foreign to their cultures due to a vision that could not be confirmed in any way. Nevertheless, due to the North Carolina show and other records, I will give further review.
This scientific proof and event of the advent of the Star of Bethlehem written about in the Holy Bible that reveals there was an exact time that can be dated in regards to Jesus’ birth becomes vital because it not only marks the exact birth of Jesus during the time of the powerful Roman Empire government but, it also becomes a concrete marker in time for so many other historical events in human history and beyond. In addition, aside from the religious aspect, it would also be an incredible scientific wonder on its own merit that tops so many other scientific wonders and technological advancements in the world as well, such as mankind being able to go to the moon, finding Noah’s ark on earth, or being able to go to the planet Mars. It was a great wonder when it first appeared in the past as well as today. Even the Gentiles came to the light [ISAIAH 60:3]. These wise men journeyed from the east and headed westwards into Judaea and came to the light and were astonished when they saw that this light, this star, stood directly over a house of which they knew at that time confirmed a great prophecy about the birth of a malefactor that would be a savior, a great presence on the earth. They were so overwhelmed they came into the house and when they saw the young child, a little Abra-Hamitic Hebrew toddler, they fell down and worshiped him, and then they gave gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to his parents. Jesus came so that all might be saved through him. But this planetarium film presents so much intricately and well designed statements that paints yet more confusion on top of what has already been debauched, nevertheless, it becomes a valuable tool in order to gain a better understanding of how we have been conditioned to believe false teachings. As the Texas production does make clear, unlike what we have been made to falsely believe in that there were only three wise men, in reality the Bible never limited them to just three, but on the other hand and within the same context, this show states that there were only three gifts given to the family. However, it was only three kinds of substantial gifts mentioned but that doesn’t mean they only gave three gifts.
During that time it should be obvious that the wise men would have had to travel in a large or substantial caravan group to deal with so many factors on trade routes, and if they had access to such trade items as gold, frankincense, and myrrh, they were probably not poor men and were affiliated with some type of trade system. A caravan group that would have consisted of ‘wise men’ that were substantially wealthy enough to be traveling with gold and exotic spices indigenous to such eastern lands like Saudi Arabia, must have had able bodied servants, men who were well trained to deal with safety issues and to care for the animals and etc. and therefore it was probably a well planned expedition. So these wise men would have had a variety of trade commodities and they would have also had to pay their servants as well. They could have given the family in that house much more than just three gifts but our minds have been conditioned so that we may only imagine something on a smaller scale or something like a ‘traditional Christmas Play’ cartoon, or small panoramic scene where only three hand held gifts are placed at the manger [trough] where the young child--Oops!--where the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes lay! Wait a mintue!--it was written that the Shepherds saw a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, but by the time the wise men came to the light, the family had obviously moved from the manger ‘scene’ to a house somewhere in Bethlehem-Judaea and the child was now ‘a young child’ and not lying in a manger. At any rate, this planetarium film states that Julius Caesar went to Egypt and developed a Calendar in 45 B.C. and also, it was stated that later in the 6th century [A.D. 500s] the monk Dionysius invented the ‘B.C.-A.D.’ system and these become factors in how the birth of Jesus had been dated. The Texas show states that it was later realized that Dionysius did not include the concept of zero and his date system erred in about four years in regards to Caesar Augustus, and it was some of these early accounts that became my first realization that there was a variation in contrast to the North Carolina film production.
Unlike the Texas show, the North Carolina show specifically stated that Julius Caesar realized that the Roman date system was grossly wrong and unlike the Texas show, it specifically stated that was the reason Julius Caesar went to Egypt. As a priest, Julius Caesar went to consult the Egyptian priest in order to develop a new solar Roman Calendar, however, even after this, Herod still missed the wonder about the advent of the new star. So about 500 years later when Dionysius came about and even though he made corrections and added the unit system of B.C-A.D., the wise men and other priest scientists in other lands not depending on the powerful Roman system and calendars already synchronized their Calendars. Another blunder in the planetarium show fed to the public was that based upon the Book of Matthews in the Bible and based upon the obvious and proven date of the death of Herod, Jesus was probably born in 6 B.C., two years before Herod’s death [Herod-the-great]. The deception here would be that the programmers of our minds have fed the information in a surety that because of the so-called valid account of the ancient Jewish historian, Josephus, who stated that Herod supposedly died when the moon was eclipsed following a Passover, science proves that there was indeed an eclipsed moon in 4 B.C. on March 13 and therefore it can be full proof that Jesus was born somewhere between March or April in 6 B.C. The trick would be that the Bible does not base the birth of the Great Prophet in direct correlation to neither an exact time of Herod‘s birth or death, nor a lunar eclipse, nor to Josephus, however his birth is specifically based upon the Star of Bethlehem. Furthermore, Josephus would not have applied the BC-AD unit and this would have been applied later by someone else. Josephus was born during a time when the very friends and disciples of Jesus were living and publishing books too, right up until the very time of the death of Josephus, and none of his writings made it into the Holy Bible!
Josephus was a White man and not really ‘an ethnic Jew’ as it was deceptively written, but he was linked to a long line of Hasmonean ancestors linked to the Maqabean [Maccabean] people who allowed certain types of White Greeks to be defined as ‘Jews’ by citizenship due to the Romans, the nationalistic Jewish-Helenistic Movement, and the descendants of Esau [the Idumeans] who worked diligently to wipe out and/or suppress the ethnic and original Jews. But even as a Jewish citizen afforded the privilege to live as a true Jew in order to receive benefits for many years that the original Jews were denied, Josephus became a complete sell out and turncoat when the Romans decided to wipe out all of the Jews, whether they be Herods, Pharisees, or etc. So it would be a gross error to base the birth of Jesus on Josephus’ records. The Bible prophets do not confirm an exact time of Herod’s death at all in relation to the birth date of Jesus, and also, the Bible makes no mention of Herod’s birthday or death date [that is Herod-the-Great] in relation to any scientific event. More importantly though, would be the scientific evidence that the planetarium productions have deliberately and completely omitted from their publications, an event that would mark the birth of Jesus in relation to the Star of Bethlehem and totally strike down any relation to a Passover at the time of a lunar eclipse that occurred in 4B.C. to mark the birth of Jesus. This event would be the startling millennium phenomena of A TOTAL PLANETARIAN LINEUP in which the Star of Bethlehem became apart of when it first appeared! The only other time this complete line up has occurred since that time in that particular planetary alignment arrangement was 2000 years later ant it happened on A.D. April 17, 2002! This would prove that the birth of Jesus had to have been in the year A.D. 2. Perhaps Herod died two years later in A.D. 4 instead of 4 B.C.!
Yet when I sat in the audience on January 2006 and viewed the North Carolina planetarium ‘scientific show’, that planetary alignment phenomenon that had just occurred four years prior in April 2002 and even briefly announced on the 6:00 evening news was not even mentioned at the planetarium show four years later at all! I just happened to be walking by the television that evening in April of 2002 and heard the news women say that this great event only occurred 2000 years ago on Christmas Day in Jerusalem at 6:00 P.M. when the Christ child was born but hours later and, then she explained that, due to the earths rotation if any one in North Carolina wanted to view this wonder, they would be able to do so around 5:00 A.M. on April 17, 2002 in the morning before the sun came up to completely drown out the view. Although the news woman did not say which star was the actual Star of Bethlehem, she explained that just like what had occurred 2000 years ago when the Christ child was born, from the earth’s viewpoint, this planetary alignment would appear as a triangular figuration of three planets, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars, near the moon, but in actuality she explained they were arranged in a straight line with the sun and all of the other planets as well. However, she also explained that in Bethlehem, this triangular configuration could be seen if the shepherds looked straight up overhead but by the time it came into view in the western hemisphere, this triangular configuration could be seen at about a 45 degree angle just above the horizon and near the almost full moon of which I did see with my own eyes! The only difference today would that 2000 years ago, the other planets beyond the planet Saturn had not come into orbit yet, but in April of 2002, they were all apart of this astonishing alignment phenomena. However for some strange reason, the planetarium shows decided not to include this information.

Although the two planetarium shows highlight, subtly, somewhat that todays’ definition of stars has been changed as opposed to the past, they do not make it clear that the past definition of stars is the truth. The definition of a star would include many different kinds of stars that today have not been addressed as such as I can remember being corrected by teachers when I once said that the planets were stars as this was what I had learned in Sunday school. I was told that ‘No, planets are not stars but they are just planets.’ But years later, I saw discrepancies and realized that even in the secular system, planets are also considered as being a type of star just like the sun, the moon, and etc. are types of stars. The planetarium show stated that ancient people defined the planets as being ‘wandering stars’ and that would definitely correlate to them also being defined as ‘moving stars’ and this too, would absolutely confirm the Bible account of how in ST. MATTHEW 2:9 it was written that, the Star of Bethlehem moved and then stood over the house [at an 180 degree angle!--ground zero]! Relatively speaking if humans were to sit down in a chair, then it could be said that they stopped moving but that doesn’t mean that our hearts stop moving or our eyes stop blinking, or we stop breathing. Therefore science has to be understood from a relative perspective to confirm concepts. If a person runs and then stops running but turns around in circles, then they have STOPPED RUNNING, but they are still moving around in a circle. So in relation to the advent of the planet Saturn when it made its first appearance and came into orbit around the sun, just as all of the other ancient planets behaved and came into orbit at one point in time, it moved into orbit within our solar system and then it STOPPED MOVING once it was positioned and then, it would have begun to start a new pattern of rotating around our sun and revolving around on its axis as well.
Just like all of the other planets, Saturn was not ‘a new star’ to the affect that it just formed in one day!--but like all of the other planets of which has been deceptively defined strictly as being millions of years old giving the false impression that they had been apart of our solar system for millions of years, Saturn must have been formed a long time ago perhaps millions of years ago but when it moved into position to become apart of our solar system and illuminated, relatively speaking, it definitely became a new star! It was somewhere else before it began to move into our solar system! Not all of the stars behave in this way as the planetary stars. Some Christians have been confused and have believed that the star Sirius is the Star of Bethlehem, but it is not a new star in our solar system and had been well recorded in ancient Egyptian records. It was not positioned over the house in Jerusalem at the time of the birth of Jesus, and it cannot be defined as a moving star [planetary star]! It has been relatively fixed for many millennia! However, it was written that the wise men saw that star ‘appear’ in the east and followed that Star westwards of which went before them until it came and then stood over the house. It should become obvious that they already studied its pattern when they saw it appear at an angle from the horizon in their lands in the east and they followed it westwards until they were able to get right up under it to the point they had to look straight up, and its zero point was in the land of Bethlehem! So even though this WESTERN STAR has many other names, it has become known as THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM for this reason. The wise men followed the movements of this star westwards but at that time it had already came into orbit two years prior as they had said, ‘we have seen his star in the east’. After 2000 years its cycle has confirmed that it as being ‘a moving star’ and, its cycle took it right back to its place of origin at a 180 degree angle to once again mark the place of that manger! But what do we hear!? Silence!
Another confusion would be that unlike the North Carolina show, this Texas production only briefly mentioned another major scientific evidence that also confirms the time of the Star in relation to the birth of Jesus and that would be relatively speaking,
‘the fixed constellations’. Although the Texas show did a wonderful presentation about the constellations in reference to the sun and the months and the significance of the Aries constellation in correlation to the Hebrew festival, however, it presented confusion with the addition of information about the December solstice festival which has nothing to do with the subject of the Star of Bethlehem. The show also downplayed the relation the Roman coins prove as they connect to the Aries constellation and specifically, to the month of April. The Texas show downplayed the fact that the constellation Aries actually marks the position of the incoming Star of Bethlehem to occur during the month of April. Both productions showed the Roman coins with the ram of which was the symbol for the constellation Aries and the little ram looking over his shoulders at a star, but they never specified that the coins were obviously a type of memorabilia of the Star of Bethlehem phenomenon in relation to the Aries constellation and specifically, its occurrence in the month of April proving too, that it was a leap year occurrence in which the Hebrews would have moved their weekly festival observance a month ahead from March to April. Yet another major blunder in these film shows revolve around the deception they both put out in regards to hiding the identity of the actual Star of Bethlehem due to their ‘anti-Christian’ pagan obsession with the planet Jupiter in relation to their thousands year old worship system.
Because in this Texas film production, it becomes obvious that they still want to falsely portray the planet Jupiter as the Star of Bethlehem, they admit that on April 17, the presence of three planets in the backdrop of the constellation Aries and the moon was phenomenal, but then they continue to add on misleading information about other months after this April 17 happening and attempt to upstage the April phenomena with what occurred in respect to the planet Jupiter especially during the month of December. Even though towards the beginning of the film the narration stated that the shepherds would have been out during the springtime at night because it was THE LAMBING SEASON when lambs are born, yet and still they deceptively add at the end of the film the presence of only the planet Jupiter in December night sky that same year and obviously, this would become important to many pagan people due to this connection with their pagan worship of the sun, and the winter solstice holiday. The film narrator goes to the great length to highlight this information about the solstice holiday and the planet Jupiter by calling the planet, ‘the Royal planet Jupiter’ and also earlier it was stated that ‘the brighter Jupiter passed Saturn…’, ‘the faster moving Jupiter past Saturn …’, and, ‘Jupiter passed Saturn for the third time…’ which leads to a suggestive idea that Jupiter would be the Star of Bethlehem due to its connection with the winter solstice, as if the planet Jupiter has just appeared that year and never before in December! So subtly, it was not stated that the planet Jupiter would be the actual Star of Bethlehem, but the narrator takes the opportunity to infuse an idea on top of the actual subject of the film and highlight their ancient pagan festival that was in relation, not even to the planet Jupiter but, the sun.
Certain pagan civilizations have worshiped the sun for thousands of years while others worshiped the Creator for providing the sun but nevertheless, this idea of sun worship and the worship of the ancient god Jupiter was superimposed upon the subject of the Star of Bethlehem to take away from the incredible occurrence in April 17, just as this very deceptive method was used by the Romans in their attempt to deceive the Hebrews and Christians to worship their god Jupiter and the sun and etc. Even though this ploy should be bad enough, the filmmakers go on to commit even more heinous acts of total blasphemy in their obvious premeditated attempts to strike down an astonishing scientific phenomena. A major cover up has been done to hide the fact that a new prophetical star, THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM, prophesized more than a thousand years prior came into orbit some 2000 years ago to make history, and it came into orbit to become apart of a triangle with the other two planet stars, and it was so astonishing that Syrian coins were minted to mark the event, foreign wealthy learned men organized a caravan and traveled westwards across country to confirm this rare wonder, and a genocidal attempt occurred in the land against its original population of people. Because ancient people already knew about planets, it would have certainly been an incredible experience to have been alive at that time and witness a new planet that came into orbit. Cont.

Flavius Josephus fully defected to the Roman side and was granted Roman citizenship. He became an advisor and friend of Vespasian’s son Titus, serving as his translator when Titus led the Siege of Jerusalem, which resulted --when the Jewish revolt did not surrender -- in the city’s destruction and the looting and destruction of Herod’s Temple (Second Temple).
Josephus recorded Jewish history, with special emphasis on the 1st century AD and the First Jewish-roman War, including the Siege of Masada, but the imperial patronage of his work has sometimes caused it to be characterized as pro-Roman propaganda.

Titus Flavius Josephus
(37 – c. 100),

mother was an aristocratic woman who descended from the royal and formerly ruling Hasmonean dynasty. [5]…
Josephus’ paternal grandparents were Josephus and his wife - an unnamed Hebrew noblewoman…Josephus’ family was wealthy.
Josephus was a descendant of the High Priest Jonathan. …Hasmonean ruler who governed Judea from 103 BC-76 BC. [7] …

josephus ancestor,

Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
My computer moving too slow. I need to edit and add more references...later:



*My Note; In the second simulation, notice, there is no mention of the planet Saturn. Neither of the simulations show the triangular configuration, of which was also explained to be a triple conjunction [meaning a straight alignment of the three planets on one side of the sun, that was written about and of which I saw with my own eyes in the morning of April 17, 2002. The 2nd simulation shows the setting in the constellation Leo, and starting in the month of August and shows Jupiter’s path for about 10 months. They are claiming that Jupiter is the Star of Bethlehem in this simulation.

Hasmonean dynasty leader, Mattathias

Roman Emperor Titus, Josephus friend, leader who led siege against the Jews in AD 66, his father's name is Vespasian [Vesp-Asian]


Roman Emperor Vespasian

The Julian Calendar is named for its creator, Julius Caesar. Among the offices he held, Caesar was
Pontifex Maximus
, the highest Roman priest. The calendar was the province of the priests because it was they who annually picked the dates of the religious festivals.
Following his conquest of Egypt in 48 B.C. Julius Caesar consulted the Alexandrian astronomer Sosigenes about calendar reform (since the a.u.c. calendar then used by the Romans was completely inadequate ….
The Julian Calendar
When Julius Caesar became pontifex maximus, the Roman calendar had been so much abused that January was falling in autumn….on the advice of the astronomer Sosigenes, added 90 days to the year 46 B.C. (67 days between November and December, 23 at the end of February). This caused the spring of 45 B.C. to begin in March….

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