Black People Politics : A post of Very Serious Thoughts (suspicions) of a Black Sellout!


Jul 2, 2003
The title is worded like it is, because I am not a judgemental person. My Blackness has never been deeply questioned. But I have a friend that feels I patronize white businesses to much. Being a sell out is very much a very different beast.

I told my friend. I have no problem supporting Black owned businesses every time I encounter one or hear of a new one opening.

Him and I were doing some custom hats with a logo. I spent my own money up front to buy a dozen hats once they were made. I drew the logo had it nicely embroidered and displayed on the hat. Him and I consulted many times as I proceeded. Now what tweaks me about this is . The hat being made was no secret. Who was making it was no secret. Yet he talked that support black owned business line after I laid out the expense. I collaborated with him on the logo and the hats as I proceeded. I looked initially for a Black owned screen printer, or a business that makes and can embroider a hat with a custom logo. It doesn't exist that I know of.

He didn't call me a sell out, but his leaning perspective was that I should have used a Black owned business to make the hats. After I layed out all the work and expense. He accepted the hats, tried to criticize them and momentarily pissed me off. I gave him the hats, and told him. After you sell them. Send me my money.
(haven't seen the cash yet!)

Growing up in the inner city of St. Louis MO. I sat every saturday within a local black owned restaurant. Ate there even as a fifteen year old teen, and would patronize both sides of my block from the barber shop to the grocery vendors. Growing up we had a Black business man who traveled down our street with a home made wooden push cart selling watermelons, corn , fruits and vegetables to everyone on the block.
Even an Ice man traveled the block. The wood and coal man would roll down my blocks I recall from the age of five. Well patronized by everyone on the block.

I dont have an afro anymore, so I dont patronize the barber, There is no local black owned grocery stores near me at this time. The local black owned restaurants I have patronized and tried their food. On a take out meal at least three times. I spent about $45 dollars to feed my family dinner. the food was not good. The portions were small and no corn bread included with the greens just ain't right. He did not have any left anyway for me to buy. Brother could have quickly bought a box of jiffy mix to supply whats expected.

I haven't been a sell out .. because that is so much different. I use what is available, local and I have available to me at the time to live. Hell I might as well quit my job. It is owned by someone other than a Black person.

Get over this / impedes personal progress, and if someone tells me they are sick and tired of being trapped in the same place ( having a hard time making it, cant afford a house, what ever it is ) is because they first need to expand and grow. Not sell out, but use whats in place to work and get what they need and desire in place. Then build from that to where they ( own a business, a company etc... ) want to be.

One of the main reasons I am posting this is there is one person I feel is truly not a good supporter of Black issues and Black people in general here in America.

That person is " Paris Dennard " this brother gets on my nerve.. really bad. He talks up the Republican party like it was oxygen for him.

He has his nose so far up '45's" butt it's hard to tell where he starts and '45th" ends.

See In this video. He was finally called out. He lost it. Now this I enjoyed ...:lol::lol: :lol::lol: because he deserved to unravel for a minute.

A CNN panel moderated by Brooke Baldwin went completely off the rails as panelist Keith Boykin told Paris Dennard, a black Trump supporter, that he was ashamed of him "as an African American."

“I am well aware of my blackness and don’t need you to classify me as being one,” Dennard said.

Dennard went on to accuse black individuals who disagree with his pro-Trump stance of "racism," although he didn't provide any specific examples.

He then returned his ire to Boykin. "I will not be attacked by you about my blackness," Dennard yelled, jabbing his finger at the screen after being told to "calm down."
They say call a spade... a spade. But for me it's judgemental. So I keep it in. ( "judge lest ye be judged " ...Luke 6:37)
So Paris you keep on spitting the sickness within you. I get nauseated listening and watching you on CNN. But you go on.

Share your thoughts, Me.. I know a sell out when I hear one, smell one, and see one.
But I try not to be judgemental even against the worst of us and them.

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