Black Parenting : A POSITIVE EXAMPLE

Louise Cosper

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Feb 26, 2018
I want to tell you about a family I deeply respect. They came from a difficult situation with a lot of gang activity, anger and tension between whites and blacks. But, these parents wanted to expand the horizons of their children. They didn't want them to think every part of American was as deeply divided as their community. So, whenever they took a vacation road trip they went out of their community and out of their state. As they traveled, the children observed that things were different in many of the communities they visited.

As these children grew to be adults, they got jobs. The older son became committed to serving God. He was the most consistent in living a responsible life. He was faithful in attending church. He stayed out of trouble. It was not the same with the younger son. The youngest was often in trouble, hanging out with friends that led him into trouble.

My husband and I have spent a lot of time talking to various members of this family and their story is really inspiring. The older son told us that about 12 years ago he was working hard at a job. He had become the union representative for his co-workers, and one day he was sitting at a table with another employee looking at three white men in suits and ties, across the table, when all of a sudden it hit him, "I don't want to be on THIS side of the table, I want to be on THAT side! So, he immediately enrolled in community college. Once there he went on. Today, he has a Masters degree in Computer Science! (Throughout his education process, he worked and utilized any funds that were available to him. His parents sure didn't have the money to help him!) Once he completed his degree, he created a professional looking resume, put it on various jobs sites, and on LinkedIn. He began to get job offers (multiple) and took a good-paying job in NW Arkansas. Today, he has an even better paying job!

But, that's not the end of his story. Once he got settled into his job, he invited his younger brother to live with him. He told his younger brother that he would need to get a job, himself, and that as soon as he was able, the brother would need to get his own place. So, the brother moved in with him, cut his hair, and quickly got a job as a waiter in a restaurant. Within a few months, this brother was promoted to a new position as the manager of that restaurant! In time, he took other, better paying, management positions. Today, he has his own place, a good job, a fiancée, and a child, and he has been getting back in church.

The impact of this family goes on and on! Last year, that older son invited his nephew to come live with him. He gave his nephew the same instructions, "You can stay with me, but you need to get a job, take responsibility for your actions and of the opportunities around you." Well, this smart young man, who had often been in trouble in his community, came to live with his uncle. He got a job and bought a car. His uncle is still helping him work through what he wants to do with his life, but he is making good progress.

The parents who started it all, began by faithfully taking their children to church. They made them do their homework. They taught them to be proud of who they are, work hard and take responsibility for their actions. The parents exposed their sons to the world outside of their community, so they could gain a vision outside their community. Last year, the parents temporarily moved in with their older son, so they could be available to help their younger son with their children. The mother, also, began to mentor young women. Recently, the mother moved back to their original community and is involved in mentoring young women there. As I said, this family is an inspiration to me.
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Louise Cosper

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Feb 26, 2018
The healing touch. Children aren't born to hate. They aren't born to be racist. They are innocent of all that is evil in the world. Here is an example of a child who showed love and of parents who nurtured that love. (I'm sure that the parents of that child prepared the cookies he presented to the garbage men and watched their child, as he presented his gift of cookies and kiss to those "created in the image of God" men.

What are we teaching our children? Are we teaching them to be racist against people of different colors or cultures? Remember, evil comes in all colors.



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May 30, 2015
We really have to realize that Evil & Good do not have any particular ethnicity or gender. Yes, White Supremacy is a problem now, but let the Chinese take over and it will be Yellow Supremacy. Let our own take over and it will end up being Black Supremacy. Human beings, being human will probably remain tribalistic unless some sort of extraterrestrial tries to invade Earth. Finally, then we will realize we are all humans in the effort to expel the invaders.
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