Black Poetry : A Poem for todays Honor day.


Feb 19, 2016
I don't usually do this but since today is Allah's Born Day an honor day among the Nation of Gods & Earths I figured drop something real quick

My teacher Orisis hit me up on the jack like peace messiah
you know u got to teach through your speech
to take 'em higher
we made it through the fire
like chaka khan I re-new my quran
on the mic I drop bombs just me & my crown
the pen is my sword I'm preaching like a pastor
the culture I-God I self lord & master
started from the feds now I'm really really back
started with the soft than turned it into crack
but I never knew I was pushing poison through the ghetto
the place where I grew up is where the devil settled
never let the devil infiltrate my cipher
behind the wall I was building with lifers
life ain't pretty it get shitty like some diapers
keep your grass low so you can see the vipers
now I'm living righteous they wanna know who Christ is
these jewls that I give you so priceless.
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Thanks for the Blessing! Love You! :kiss:
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