Black People : A people Who Will Allow Themselves To Be Disrespected

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
A People Who Allow Themselves To Be Treated With Disrespect Will Come To Accept Such Treatment Is Normal Behavior Toward Them

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Yes, A People Who Allow Themselves To Be Treated With Disrespect Will Come To Accept Such Treatment Is Normal Behavior Toward Them And it does not matter how much is done to warn and inform them about the danger of accepting such treatment to be natural toward them you will fail if the loss of common sense is no longer used by them in assessing the state of their living condition and concluding that the way they are living is not to their advantage in a civilized society and that those who are being disrespectful toward them is without respect for the right and freedom to be for those people living being dependent upon those people being disrespectful toward them.

Such is the description of Black Afrikan people living in the world today without a desire to be no more in a condition living how they are told to live and how to behave which is accepting such living condition as being a condition of preparation to enter the gate of Heaven to live forever with who they have been well conditioned to believe will be in heaven with Jesus.

Such be the belief of Black Afrikan people which serve to be evidence that such a people now live without the choosing of creditable leadership who is responsible for reinforcing such a religious doctrine unto the believing mind of Black Afrikan people and that is why as you observe Afrika today and the way Black Afrikans believe about a God the oppressors created for the purpose to seal the Mind of Black Afrikan people from being able to use common sense when making decisions about The Greater Good-God, about Life Living and about the Self of Black Afrikan people, and to believe you must abandon common sense thinking that will have you to know what is Divinely True and Real in the process of living Divinely.

All serious Black Afrikan Nationalist Pan Afrikans today should be condemned by common sense use Black Afrikan people for allowing phony Black Afrikan leadership to treat Black Afrikan people worse than that racist Luciferian Human Being who has no respect for the Black Race living in Afrika and now scattered to the four Cardinal points of this Earth Planet, Black Afrikans now in a mental condition that has Black Afrikans people to be unprotected exposure to the virus of body destruction and the virus of Racist Unjust Prejudice, all orchestrated by that Racist Luciferian Human Being whom Black Afrikan people worship today.

Today your Black Afrikan behind standing idle behaving like a child that needs protection from the evil of the world when it is your Grown Black Afrikan behind who has the responsibility to be the protection for the child!!

So, share with me Black Afrikan Woman and Man, how in the hell can a Greater Good come to the Black Afrikan Race when there is no knowledge of the Greater Good-God flowing through the Soul of the Black Afrikan today?

The Black Afrikans place ourselves in a wicked threatening position living without the knowledge of What God Is, being with a Soul that has been taken over by the Soul of that Devilish Satanic, Luciferian Human Being who has weakened Black Afrikan people in such a way until we now despise to ignore the Divine Truth about our sojourn to Planet Earth.

What in the hell is wrong with Black Afrikan people, it is obvious that we no longer can see anymore, it is the Divine Soul of Black Afrikans that see and what I see is what Black Afrikans has experienced and should know that living a quarantine way of living is nothing new to black Afrikan people and being at the bottom of the social-economic ladder is commonplace for Black Afrikan people, the danger of the COVID-19 is that it is on the prowl for Black Afrikan people, it is a Virus created for a mission to search out and destroy Black Afrikan Living of Life, as we become sitting ducks for COVID-19, as Black Afrikans go following white folks being defiance against measuring your whereabouts in social movement, Black Afrikans are most susceptible to COVID-19 than white folks.

I shared with you many times that the problem with Black Afrikans in America not by choice is that we refuse to reject America and we ignore the Right of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors to the Reparation/Repatriation they did earn while confined in the institution of Chattel Slavery.

Yet, your Black behind choose to be annihilated by a COVID-19 than to fight for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation, which represents Freedom for Afrika and the Black Afrikan people.

So, you doggone right, A People Who Allow Themselves To Be Treated With Disrespect Will Come To Accept Such Treatment Is Normal Behavior Toward Them, desiring no freedom to be our own as we refuse to demonstrate our willingness to fight for our Enslaved Ancestors Freedom ( Reparation/Repatriation ) so to return to Afrika and to have Afrika to rise again as a Shinning Star, Freedom therein being a Unified Black Afrikan Nation civilized enough to protect our Black self against all enemies and Viruses alike, having a United States Of Afrika Government to call our Own and there be no doubt Afrika is for the Black Afrikans, Freedom being our insignia, beloved.

Divine Respect
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