Black Poetry : A note of hope is a short letter with all sorts of clever words and verbs about love no doubt at clu


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May 11, 2006
A note of hope is a short letter with all sorts of clever
words and verbs about love no doubt at clubs forever
attracts girls so cake bring hype must take a hike which
is a long walk at home talk about marriage my type itch
for cake have to switch to great to say the right stuff
because mash mean to crush trash get flushed enough
class to rush to stardom, now this is BLACK HIPHOP in
VIRGINIA BEACH, see a girl in a taxi cab wanna win win win
brown skin a renown grin wanna take her around the town for a spin
could begin a love affair, she's a Cally cute an ALLY OOP club
is a heavy stick and I'm ready for some quick love after a slick hug
up front with plan ready to hunt for land my flow soar and go
ashore like ships from trips girl got some hips that run me loco
got a ready built rocket for her milk chocolate never been BOZO
the clown but solo with the sound of music, morning it's cocoa
and toast, a kiss rearranges a list of changes, this plain raw grab
a chainsaw hop on these and chop down trees “SO BOO I COME
to you with a sum due so payback and we stay in contact from
start to finish depart with a plate of spinach hot guy like Popeye thumbs
up yall aw girl you got some brown sweaty thighs I stay ready for pies
the confetti and lies thrown in the air you shown me a pair of panties
now don't sleep well, girl this is true jazz that you can view as hard stuff
so I try at the club to apply for love really want pie and a hug huff and puff
these rhyme smack whack cats across the nose with boss flows and the cost
of those are amazingly fast while grazing in the grass like cows on crack toss
hay into this and my menu is brisk, girl you wet like water so I'm gonna
place an order to get some on the fly I'm not a dumb guy now girl I wanna
kiss your lips you got a brownie down there and you use downy in your
underwear panties silk just candies and milk so my emotions really soar
oh a brown Soul Sista go through a lot, flaws in romantics can cause panics
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