Amun-Ra : A Lesson for the Playas


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Give yourself 20 years


Remember what you wrote and if I'm still here in 20 years--send me an e-mail--Amun-Ra


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NileValleyKing said:
In life there is no such things as games. Children play, true adults live. The world of the players is like...hhmmm russian rulet. You get away all your life and one day it all ends with broken hearts or death. The bermuda triangle men!.. HOW ABOUT THE NARROW PATH.......TRUE and LOVE HUH?


P.S. I'm new to this site.
Greetings to you "AUSAR"


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I Got

a kick out of this thread. When I started reading it I said to myself.."this Brotha done lost his natural Black mind!!!" First, for giving away game for free and second to let the Sistas know he was doing it!!! Think of the scene in the movie Frankenstein when Frankenstein is being chased by the angry townsfolk who are packing torches and pitchforks!!!!
But as I reached the conclusion-- I had an AHA moment! It's a shame in this day and age--some of us still play these games. Or is it our mating ritual? Peacocks preen and so do other birds, other mammals perform dances to display size or strength and we humans lie, cheat and steal all in the name of love......................