Black Poetry : a kiss can spin a brisk wind Which is a sign of love Online or the club Oh he jest kissed her lips While she twist her hips And said goodnight She fro


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May 11, 2006
a kiss can spin
a brisk wind
Which is a sign of love
Online or the club
Oh he jest kissed her lips
While she twist her hips
And said goodnight
She from the hood and bright
Air blow up her skirt
That make her do-nut perk
So there’s gusts of wind
And aware trust me men
Want some quicker affection
From a particular direction
One girl skin brown and renown
A boy wanna take a spin around town
Hugged up on the bucket seats
Want some tongue and sweets
Be sprung from head to feet
Her skin stay brown
Her body is a playground
For him oh her panties
Are so sweaty and wet
She ready to go get
Some brisk tissue
For this issue
she walk in the park
and talk in the dark
boys stalk and start
a phat conversation
With stats that spell domination
This is Black Hip Hop
A lot “SO BOO I stay craving
Which is a way of behaving
My road corrupt
Need a code of conduct
And a good load of luck
You a cutie brown
And your booty is round
It’s my duty to go downtown
And shop till I drop
With my tongue sprung
I’m extreme in schools
Because there are team rules
When dealing with behavior
It be revealing the major
Hormone process a savior
Is needed,”oh he try elude
The block because of the rude
Shock of getting jacked in the mood
For sex, but he really want this
Brown Soul Sister she’s aware
Of his stare, “NAW PLAYER care
Is priority, flirting is satisfaction
Bring boys to a certain reaction
Remember I was at home and pure
And known for sure
That this boy wanted some
I was in shock galore
When he knocked on the door
His car parked in the driveway
How will I survive today?”
He Wanted some stayed to risk it
His emotions made explicit
By way of a passionate kiss
Oh gosh she was wearing a mini-skirt
He wanted to jerk up plenty flirt
He had clear and precise directions
To bring sincere and nice affection
Its so old fashion
not to control his passion
His plan is smash
And now stand abash
But in his hand is cash
And his ride is whiplash
her body toys with their brain
Strut butt put boys to shame


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May 11, 2006
Got witty beats
for city streets
and a committee keeps
track of the deep facts
flow for fun
but no one
care or love them
even though they above the rim
its heartbreaking
admit his pride start aching
anyway see a girl cake pure
have to make sure she secure
love, give her waist a hot squeeze
take precautions and not leave
the backdoor open
try attract galore
when it come to girls
and there are some in this world
wanna do the right thing curl
their hair and strut butt and hurl
breasts HE SAID: “boo vocab is mandatory
in a laboratory fiddling with a story
about grammar
no doubt the hammer
can come down
when no one is around
this is shocking like an electrified fence
I'm rocking with correct pride and sense
I read the bible as a troop
these criminals are liable to shoot
some girls are tribal and cute
been in a hummer online
for a number of times
her cake is smoking
and the gate is open
it amaze her like crazy
how boys wanna graze in the gravy
my quotes rip when I take
boat trips and fish for whales and make
a wish for females possibly a mermaid
in mini-skirt made of fish scales laid
down to sleep, while I go deep braids
in her hair grab a BIC pen and write a lot
and slick with chopsticks HIP HOP
I adopt it,

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