Black People : A Divine Message To The Black Afrikans In America Not By Choice!!!

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Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
A Divine Message To The Black Afrikans In America Not By Choice!!!
Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
The Divine Truth Is So Plain And Available Until A Fool Has No Excuse For Ignoring The Divine Truth, beloved.
I can go many thousand years back in time showing and reminding Black Afrikan people of how evil, disrespected, and physical and mental attacked by that so call white racist unjust prejudice Human Being have been and still is lying, deceiving Black Folks and took and is now taking advantage of the Divinity of the Cosmic Universal Divine Black Energetic Intelligent Being, the only Natural Character that can be deceived and is available to be taken advantage of in a world control by a Race of people whose character is to challenge Nature by trying to present an imitation of Nature to the only Race of people with the Divine Mental Spiritual qualification to put white Luciferian Human Being back in their place of honor and acknowledging the Divinity of the Black Cosmic Universal Race, You Black Afrikan People, referred to as being today.
We now are living in a very particular Time regarding Black Afrikan people and yes, Time does move revealing various cycles of events that is to a particular requirements of dynamics that if innerstood, will be liberating to a Race of people been living for many cycles of Time in a condition that has Black Afrikans to be absent of the desire to be a Thinking thoughtful reasonable logical race of people, not so today, and that is why you now observe Afrika be as it is today and Black Afrikans living absent of our Common Natural sense, which is Think before you act. beloved.
The Honorable Marcus Garvey a Thinking Logical Black Cosmic Universal Divine Being, informed us Black Revolutionaries to always be mindful of the Cycle of Time for within each cycle is the solution to the problem we are facing, if have one/some, such is the path that leads to that/those problem solutions and today in this cycle of Time, Black Folks have a problem and that problem is that there is no Freedom that is occupying the space of Living for Black Afrikans today.
Divine Wisdom have us to know that the best way to shape Iron is to strike it while it is Hot, that is when the Iron is at its weakest state of physical presence, the same principle applies to the Black Afrikan people whose problem is, been, and being made to live without Freedom and treat such a state of living as if it is a normal state of living for Black Afrikan people, the way that white racist has indoctrinated Black Afrikan people to believe about the way we live today as if the way of living without Freedom is natural for Black Folks, Hell No It Is Not, Beloved!!!
So, Listen Up And Hear Me Well, White Folks are in turmoil with each other, they are in America competing for power like never before of the forming of a more Racist Criminal Union In America and because of that fact Time has presented Black Afrikans with a cycle of Time if strike the Bell of Freedom, Justice, and Independence, the force for Liberty will rise to appear to be in Afrika for Black Afrikan people beloved!!!
So, my point is this, in America at this point of Time there is another Presidential Election in play and like always that white racist Luciferian Human Being politically identifying themselves as being Democrats and Republicans politically and that lying Democratic party is so confident of having control of the Black American mind done indoctrinated Black Folks in America to vote without the use of Common Natural sense to be used in conducting our action and the irony is that anybody experienced in white folks politics knows that the Quid-Pro-Quo is in play if you are serious about your participation for the purpose for you to benefit for your action.
So, Black Folks in America not by choice, put your white racist Democrats to the test, present to them this Quid-Pro-Quo, which is if that phony *** Democrats want the Black Vote then they must present a seriousness about supporting the payment of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, this applies both to the Democrats and Republican because Georgia Governor George Wallace Was Right in the Seventies when he stated that there is not a Dime worth a Difference between the Democrats and Republicans, and I am here to inform Black Folks that value has been reduced since then, especially with Black Afrikans in the mix in American politics.
Black Folks, we need to strike the political iron while it is hot and let the political oligarchs know that to get the Black Vote you have to give the Reparation/Repatriation America owes to our Enslaved Ancestors and Reparation is no Gift, it is a Debt owed to our Enslaved Ancestors, beloved, so get up off of your Black Behind and become meaningful to living Collective in Afrika!!!
Divine Respect

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