Black Spirituality Religion : A challenge to quote ERRORS/CONTRADICTIONS in the BIBLE.


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May 24, 2022
No God should not have used cecotrophy...he should have been correct about RABBITS NOT CHEWING CUD!!

There is no such thing as RABBIT cud. You will make up whatever it takes for you to continue to believe what you want to.

Science has not change in regards to which animals chew cud and which animals don't...that is why they are a SEPARATE class of animals.
Check out Professor Walter Veith's work, videos and writings on some animals' digestive systems. If you choose the easy route, look up "Clean and Unclean / The Whole Truth" on YouTube. There are many videos, as well, that show pet rabbits, whether you accept that they are called conies (sing. coney) or not, that eat their feces (cud). Curious!

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