Black People : A boiling pot in the South


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Apr 14, 2012
I just relocated to Florida and it's messed up down here almost sad.
Blacks down here are treated bad. There's no sense of community and it's diluted by immigration especially in Miami.
I thought Georgia is bad, here it's worse.
You can't get help or find the help you need.
There jobs but they want you to work for no money or barely enough to survive on.

It's beautiful down here,but this is not a place to live.
They do things here that cause people to resort to crime. I took y'all advice and focus on myself, but you can't because the barriers created it's hard for these immigrants to understand they are being anoxious and bougie.
They just make things worse,if we act and behave the way they do we be label and stereotype as being a holes.
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