Black Poetry : 8/9/2019 got terrific fame no specific name perfume sniff it on a dame my thing cream too much boys seen and touched extreme like STARKY AND HUTCH tri


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May 11, 2006
got terrific fame
no specific name
perfume sniff it on a dame
my thing cream too much
boys seen and touched
extreme like STARKY AND HUTCH
tried for satisfaction
need specified action
then applied a Fatal Attraction
she can shatter her luck
need a data construct
or this matter is corrupt
now a boy walks up
at home rhyme apparatus
now he define his status
a winner with fact
and now brain interact
with school knowledge
and none of the fool garbage
looked her breasts are deft
now ready to express himself
have to dodge and flow best
no time to lodge a protest
his words smart and brisk
they are part of a list
her heart start to twist
she's BLACK SOUL SISTA wrist
watch on arm, a mini-skirt
with lots of charm so alert
with stuff on the agenda
huff and puff love me tender
sex with correct wisdom
is a complex piece of mechanism
like a gearbox
I'm sincere Cox
customer from Kenya
this is BLACK HIPHOP in Virginia
Beach HE SAID: “look boo this
is publicity with electricity a kiss
is shocking it's lyrics and rhyme
for this period of time that's design
to make you hot and you become mine
don't know if I get cake or not
this is legal arts
in equal parts
increase the rap
use grease on my scalp
and duck the beast perhaps
got pride like URKEL
ready to divide a circle
calamity shatters
family matters
got the kind of lyrics
that shake mind and spirit
they occupy space
want hot pie and lace
girl you got sweaty thighs
and I'm ready for pies
gonna throw confetti in the skies
he want good luck for cake
after being stood up on a date
“NAW PLAYER” she see men a lot
and pretend she not hot
her skirt pulled down
she jest flirt around
she got wet pies
he jest let his eyes
move across her body
groove boss at a party
inferior nights
could reach superior heights
if the car interior is right
show better class
like leather dash
and bucket seats
on the floor a stick shift
my perfume take a quick sniff
soon want cake my dress get a slick lift
the CD bang a song
drive fast have to hang on
come to HIP HOP my slang is strong
oh a Black Soul Sista go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH its blue dots
in my mini-skirt this boy true or not
he wanna damage my sandwich
you desire a chick
but like a FIRE STICK
have to shop on AMAZON
to get one
and have some wet fun


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May 11, 2006
and have some wet fun
remember I wit this boy
he jest wanna kiss and toy
had his hand under my skirt
a real thunder alert
aw girl you got some black sweaty thighs
oh he was really ready for pies
oh I couldn't go any place
my coochee jest pudding and plenty lace
cut through the chase
my lipstick had true taste
this is a phat brain storm
on the platform
of a queen size bed
try dream wise in the head
oh gosh he jest kiss my lips
one time he missed my mind trip
she's here in the middle
while this boy want beer and skittles
afterward sincere fiddle
with her body
she probably prefer HARDEES
for burger and hot fries
then to KFC for pot pies
oh HIP HOP a hot matter
and she at the top of the ladder
the stuff she drop will shatter
whackness it's blackness
exactness she's an actress

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