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Jun 14, 2018
This is funny.
A vid taken in the middle of a concrete jungle next to a highway filled with cars that kill more bees than any cell towers ever could or will.
Do I need go into all the why's either of those two areas are so deadly for bees? Or why the outl laying areas around a concrete jungle are just as bad or even worse?


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Feb 19, 2001
Didnt know about the holograms, because the radiation emitting from these towels is way more deadly!
This sounds like the conspiracy theories Diamond and Silk were spreading on faux news



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Apr 6, 2020
5G towers don't kill honeybees by any stretch of the imagination. At most what? 20 dead honeybees videos shows on ground is maybe just sign of old bees finally die. No hornets no yellow jackets no bumblebees no wasp? Los Alamos nuclear bomb test kill people immediately and over time but even reports of some insects survived nuclear bomb blast test in Yucca Flats. Read story of Tritium honeybees. Thank you.
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