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Sep 21, 2005
Philadelphia PA
Behavioral Health
Each week a organization im involved with collects fruit and veggies from distributors on Packer Ave in SP.. We clean and box em up and deliver them to the disabled and elderly around Marion Anderson's old neighborhood and other areas.
I also work with a food co-op in University City that is associated with the Uhuru Movement/African People's Solidarity Commitee. Also working with Men United out in West Philly.
My day hustle is Behavioral Health...


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I'll be honest. I like black culture forums, so I've signed up for this one, BX, and Lipstick Alley. I won't post too often, only on things that I'm really interested in. Nice to meet you. :)
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Hi Sister,
Miss you so much I hope all is well with you and yours!!
Love and Blessings!! :heart: :heart:
Implementation and Sustainment
You can skip rocks across water but if you're not building yourself up rock solid, you'll drown under pressure.
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Hi, Queenie. Love your posts. Even though I don't you, you must be some kind of remarkable and lovely person. Lets keep in touch.