Black People : 2010 predictions for National Black education


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Oct 4, 2009
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The need for community based , African centered children's centrs of African cultural and historical education as ell as intensive tutoring, will be needed more then ever.
Education Czar Arne Duncan has not only been in the pockets of the neocons who push foor Charter Schools that most Grassroots folks can't afford, he is also a big propnent of the Junior ROTC program and other non constitutional incursions of the military industrial complex to herd our Black youth into planes and ships to fight corporate wars of imperialist gain, by allowing the pentagon to have access to ll student records, making a priority out of militarization rather then scholastic excellence.
Going into this new year the term scholastic excellence is a joke since the regents exams are no longer mandatory in many locals, and important nation building skills as Malcolm stressed like civics, and understanding of the entire political process and the power of the vote, as well as grassroots organizing, and economics, the capacity to provide ones own food clothing and shelter, and progress collectively to ensure dollars spent on essential stay within the community.
Vocational trainig centers all over the nation coming from non plantation funds are also imperative since, the inception of computer repair becoming a shop class and the concurrent eradication of all shop and home economics classes from public high schools has been standardized.
Inspite of the additional funds provided to HBCU, from Washington, as one hand gives the other takes away by reducing funds for infrastructure to city, state, and community colleges across the nation as well as raising tuitions to the levels that private universties charged 8 years ago.


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Oct 4, 2009
owner of various real estate concerns
will this coming year be

more of the same?
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