Brother AACOOLDRE : 18th Dynasty Kings: made their black cousins grovel at their feet


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Jul 26, 2001
18th DYNASTY EGYPTIAN KINGS: Made their black cousins grovel at their feet.

By Andre Austin

The 18th Dynasty of Egypt had an empire over their surrounding foreign states. The leaders of these foreign cities had to pay tribute to the Egyptian Kings and basically play the role of a dog at the king’s feet. One black Canaanite mayors wrote to the Pharaoh:

“At regular intervals the mayor was obliged to make written report to the sovereign, employing a stereotyped, obsequious style; ‘To the king, my lord, my God, my sun, the sun in heaven, thus speaks Widiya, the man of Ashkelon, thy servant, the dust of thy feet…at the feet of the king my lord seven times and seven time over may I prostrate myself on belly and back…who is the dog that does not obey the word of the king his lord, the son of the sun” (Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient times p. 199 By Donald Redford). The shoes from which the feet rested were signs of disrespect in the Arabian world to have a shoe thrown at you was white hot-anger. Even American women beat their kids with the bottom of the soles or fight with their shoes. In Arab countries punishments are often doled out by whipping your feet.

The poetry of the old and new Kingdoms backs up the desire of the Egyptians to reduce rebels to the level of Dogs. In one line it reads:

“I made the Asiatics do the dog walk” (Ancient Egyptian Literature p.137 By Miriam Lichtheim). They also made them pull chariots like horses much like females slaves were made to do in America. We haven’t advanced with the false puff up power of a drug-lord to makes females perform fellato on dogs for the crumbs of some crack rock.

When Howard Carter opened up King Tut’s tomb they found scandals of images of black Nubians on them. This was to indicate they had them subdued along with their gold. King’s Tut mother was Queen Tiy who was straight up black. His father Akhaton had two grandfather’s Yuya and Thutmosis. Yuya was apparently white Semetic with aquiline face and hooked nose. This makes David Icke leap and call Akhaton’s grand-dad a white Phoenician priest (the Brains behind the Egyptians), and say nothing of Tut’s black mother/grandmother Tiy. (The Biggest Secret p.62-63). The only reason I’m looking at this mixture is to see if it contributed to the 18th Dynasty disrespecting their black brothers and sisters. Some say (Egyptologist Bob Brier), the second wife of Akhanton is Kiya the real mom of King Tut and she’s blacker than a M.F. too.

If the Phoenicians were the brains behind the Egyptians then why did they name their God of writing Taut who is none other than the Egyptian god of writing Thoth? We have to see things from all angles so that our eyes never get deceived by the greatest purveyors of propaganda-THE MEDIA. So run with your feet and tell that.


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Jul 26, 2001
I hope to establish a new doctrine of Lukewarm relating to vision instead of drinking water. maybe I can overcome public odium before I reach a sunset.

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