Law Forum : 16 Year Old Black Grand Rapids Michigan Girl Scheduled To Testify Against Her Rapist Is Found Dead

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Oct 1, 2017
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I am absolutely stunned and more so completely sick to my stomach over this as I have nieces and younger female cousins that I would not hesitate for one second to kill or die for so I'll just not add comment.





I know I promised not to add comment but I can't let this go, I have to say this. This precious teen was raped and like any crime victim reported such immediately like a truthful rape victim would. When a female crime victim alleges to have suffered such a traumatic event or a series of rapes over time and doesn't report same immediately or soon after said crime occurred or at least tell some man, any man in her life to exact justice but decides to conveniently speak out years or even decades later usually after smelling money and some manner of escaping their own personal affliction of obscurity with a slim to none chance of notoriety and claims to be a rape victim and her story doesn't sound right or she tells it too many times to convince herself or others that it actually occurred I usually find that 2 and 2 adds up to 3. Well I said my piece, make of it what you will.

RIP Mujey. What man on Earth couldn't do, GOD will protect you as his sacred child and eventually your murderer will have to atone for his sins.


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Feb 9, 2001
:10800: How sad! Why do some men use their genitals as a weapon? In situations like this, I want the punishment to fit the crime, for real. People like this slug should feel the same pain that he exacted upon that sweet soul. And, over several days or months or the rest of his life, he should be used as Bubba's sex toy or maybe take him to the zoo and put him butt naked in a cage with a silver back gorilla.


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May 30, 2015
The system failed this young lady, and our community failed this young lady. Why was she not given any protection by her family, friends, and neighbors? These are my complaints I have concerning us only focusing on the enemies from without. We seem to have far more enemies within our communities. Predators who see it as their right to cause harm and remove resources from their own people. I hope her killer is found and both killer and rapist (if different people) are placed in prison until they are buried there.

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