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Sep 27, 2005
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Dr Frances Cress Welsing was right on the money in her book "Isis Papers" published in 1989.


Read what the experts say:

• TRUCKER (noted management expert) -- "The birthrate collapse has tremendous political and social implications that we cannot even guess at today… Of all developments, it is the most spectacular, the most unexpected and one that has no precedent whatsoever."

• OVERSTATED (former Rockefeller Foundation researcher) --early half the planet's populace [have] sub-replacement fertility levels." This has led to problems such as "how to finance old-age retirement for a rapidly aging citizenry and questions for East Asia related to a looming bride shortage."

• FAZE (governor of the Bank of Italy) -- It is urgent that the number of births increase… in 20-30 years time the deficit of births will have repercussions on economic and social development."

LESSON 1 If you think there’s a population problem, you’re right — But it’s not the one you’ve been led to believe. We’re not over-populated, we’re mis-populated. The real problem is... a critical shortage of young people! And the best solution is larger families!

LESSON 2 Far from being overcrowded, the earth is plenty big enough for all of us and a whole lot more. In fact, all 6 billion of us could fit nicely into the province of Alberta. Earth to population control fanatics: There’s plenty of open land down here! Just do the math: In October, 1999 the world population reached six billion people. If all those people lived in Alberta, Canada, the population density of Alberta would be 23,503 people per square mile (6,000,000,000 people/255,285 square miles). This is the same population density that New York City currently has. And the rest of the world would all be empty! People say that India is overcrowded, but do the math again: India, with a population of one billion people, currently has a population density of 788 people per square mile. This is less than the current population density of the state of New Jersey (986). Even if the world's population doubled or tripled, we would need very little of the earth's surface for living.

LESSON 3 Many population-elimination advocates claim that we cannot produce enough food to feed a growing population. Yet, we currently feed all six billion people using only 4% of our grain production capacity. If we used 33% of our capacity, we could feed 50 billion people. Read what the experts say--

• We produce enough food for every person to have 3,800 calories a day, at least one third more than what the average person needs.
— Population, Food, and Nutrition, Bender and Smith, 1997

• Virtually all food shortages in African countries are due to “civil strife.” —UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) news release, August 9, 1999

• Global food production will continue to increase faster than consumption. —The World Food Outlook, 1997

Food for thought for prophets of famine: There’s already enough to feed us all!

LESSON 4 Population-elimination apologists cast dire predictions of imminent water shortages, unless population growth is curbed. But, as usual, they’re all wet. Two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered with water and current desalination technology is capable of taming our teeming oceans into potable pools of pure tap water. Read what the experts say--

• The real story of the drought of 1999 is the phenomenal level of distortion that has been heaped upon it. We do not have a worldwide water shortage. —World Climate Report

• In areas where fresh water is costly to recover, desalination plants currently pour out two billion gallons a day worldwide. One plant in the city of Cape Coral, Florida delivers 15 million gallons a day.
—Technology Review

• One reason for desalination’s increasing popularity is the steady decline in the amount of fuel it requires, which is the main cost of the process. Modern techniques generate 100 units of water for every unit of energy consumed. Four decades ago, rudimentary distillation took 25 units of energy to produce a unit of drinking water. —Technology Review

LESSON 5 Nothing reveals the dark side of the population elimination movement like the demonstrably racist outcomes of their policies and practices. Results only the Ku Klux Klan could love. Don't believe it? Look below — the facts are all there in black and brown. Look at Africa... South America... India... Harlem… and discover population controls true colors! Read what the experts say--

• Population controllers will go to great lengths to reduce the numbers of children born to people of color. —Excessive Force: Power, Politics & Population Control Information Project for Africa, 1995

• Black women are more than 3 times as likely as white women to have an abortion, and Hispanic women are roughly 2 times as likely. —Alan Guttmacher Institute

• Over 57% of population control money is spent on reducing births of Africans and Latinos. —International Planned Parenthood Federation 1996–1997 Annual Report

LESSON 6 The theory behind population control relies on the theory of thought control: Create so may obstacles to the truth, that most people will prefer to believe "the Big Lie."

1. The claim that two-thirds of the population is malnourished was originally made by the United Nations in 1950. It was proved to be false then, and continues to be false today.

2. According to United Nations data, over 80% of the world population is literate2. Therefore the claim that “two-thirds of the world is uneducated” is ridiculous.

3. Children are taught skills in school. According to UN statistics, over 70% of children in India and over 95% of children in China attend primary and secondary schools3. Common sense says that if the kids don't have the right skills, the answer if to change the school program, not to have fewer children.

1 The Ultimate Resource 2, Julian L. Simon, 1996, p. 93–94.
2 Associated Press news story, 10/11/99.
3 World Statistics Pocketbook, United Nations.

LESSON 7 Proponents of population elimination often use dire predictions of global energy shortages to justify their draconian measures. But after decades and decades of false prophecies, there is no energy crisis in sight. It's only our willingness to tackle tough problems that is running on empty. Read what the ‘experts’ have predicted in the past--

• In 1885 and again in 1891, the U.S. Geological Survey said there was "little or no chance for oil" being found in California, Kansas or Texas.

• In 1951, the Department of Interior's Oil and Gas Division said oil reserves would last only 13 years.

• Paul Ehrlich, 1975: "What will we do when the pumps run dry?"3.
Despite these dire predictions, oil is in abundant supply and oil prices have generally been falling. All other forms of energy are also in abundance!

1. U.S. Geological Survey (1885 and 1891), as documented in The Ultimate Resource 2, Julian L. Simon, 1996.
2. Congressional hearings on the Energy Independence Act of 1975, as documented in The Ultimate Resource 2, Julian L. Simon, 1996.
3. The End of Influence, Paul and Anne Ehrlich, 1975.

LESSON 8 Planned Parenthood plays down its aggressive abortion programs, preferring to describe such programs in deceptive terms, like "reproductive health," or "family planning." Every dollar given to Planned Parenthood is a dollar that, directly or indirectly, supports abortion.

Life begins at conception... and ends at Planned Parenthood. Just follow the money:

1. On October 13, 1999, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave a grant of $1.7 million to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

2. One member of IPPF is Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), which commits 165,167 surgical abortions a year and is the largest abortion provider in the United States.

3. The new boss of the Gates Foundation's 'global health program' is Dr. Gordon Perkin, who is a former member of the board of directors of PPFA.2 Seems the fox is now in charge of the chicken coop!

4. By supporting the IPPF, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supports attacks on children in the womb.

1. Conception is the joining of sperm and egg.
2. Gates Foundation web site.
3. PPFA 1997–1998 annual report.

LESSON 9 Population elimination theory can be seductive. Its simplicity and seeming rationality are so appealing, it can lure even the most intelligent into its web of lies.

In 1996, Bill Gates clearly knew the truth. But now it's just a fading memory. Read what the optimistic Bill Gates said in 1996--

"Julian Simon [population growth advocate] is right and Paul Ehrlich [population doomsayer] is wrong." "I think the world is progressing."
"Resources are becoming more abundant." "I'd rather go into a grocery store today than to a king's banquet a hundred years ago."
Now look what he's doing just three years later--

• Gave $545,000 to the German Foundation for World Population (Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevolkerung) to help bring about "a humane decline in world population growth."

• Believes that "two-thirds of the world's population is malnourished and uneducated."3 (But see Lessons #3 & # 6 above.)

• Provided funding to Population Communications International, whose pessimistic video Jam Packed uses a grocery store as a symbol of 'American decadence'.

1. Forbes magazine, 12/2/96.
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3. September 13, 1999 letter from Gates Foundation to (ALL)*.
4 Gates Foundation web site, and viewing Jam Packed.

*American Life League

LESSON 10: Population-elimination advocates are expert at applying politically correct peer pressure. Even high-profile leaders are afraid to be ridiculed and left out of the "in" crowd. It's easier to conform to popular opinion than it is to form your own. But just because all the billionaires on the block are doing it, doesn't make it right. Here's what two of the "big bad boys" say and do--

Ted Turner--

"If I could do things over, I would never have had five children."
(Turner did not indicate which of his kids he would have eliminated) (They must wonder)
"Everybody should have one child, like China has. People who abhor the China one-child policy are 'dumb-dumbs"
(Turner has already given $1 billion to population elimination.)
"What we need to have for 100 years is a [worldwide] one-child policy."

Warren Buffett --
(The primary funder of International Projects Assistance Services, which manufactures a hand-held suction pump used in developing countries to initiate abortion.)
"Buffett money has enabled dozens of Planned Parenthood clinics to add abortion services."
"The Buffett Foundation has helped finance research on the abortion pill, RU-486."

1. Reuters, September 11, 1998.
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3. Soul Magazine, January, 1999.

LESSON 11 Thanks to a generally sympathetic media industry, the population-elimination movement controls the language of the debate. That's why news reports so often refer to abortion, sterilization and birth control as "reproductive rights." It's also why you almost never hear about the true price women are paying for their "reproductive rights."

Here’s the view of ‘reproductive rights’ you never see--

--Women who take the birth control pill are as much as 88% more likely to develop BREAST CANCER than those who don't take the pill.

--Women on the birth control pill are more likely to get AIDS from an infected partner.

--Women have filed numerous lawsuits because of health problems due to Norplant™.

--Women using Norplant™ have suffered numerous health problems including BLINDNESS.

--Women using mifepristone (RU-486) have suffered numerous health problems including DEATH.

--A newlywed woman was PARALYZED by the effects of the birth control pill.

--Teenagers have DIED from taking birth control pills.

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LESSON 12 The population-elimination elite shrewdly portray conditions in developing countries so that wealthy potential supporters become convinced that the most charitable thing to do for these poor people is make sure they don't give birth to even more poor people. But frankly, it's time we heard from someone in a better position to judge what poor people really need.

LESSON 13 The population-elimination elite will stop at almost nothing to rid the world of people they consider undesirable. They employ measures so hideous that most decent people prefer to disbelieve the evidence when confronted with it. So — will you be brave enough to take a shot of truth? Or have you already been inoculated against it?

Tetanus vaccines deliberately designed to abort third-world babies
Do tetanus vaccines really kill babies? Only if the vaccine is intentionally altered. Has that ever happened? YES. The fact that tetanus vaccines were used to kill babies in the Philippines was documented by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in 19951 and verified by the Philippine Department of Health and the Philippine Medical Association.2 (Note: This BBC program has never been aired on United States television.) How is the vaccine altered? A chemical called Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG), a hormone essential for maintaining pregnancy, is intentionally put in the tetanus vaccines and given to women of child-bearing age. Dr. Reynaldo Echavez of the Philippine Medical Association stated that the presence of the HCG in the tetanus shot would cause the women to develop HCG antibodies, which will then cause spontaneous abortion if the women become pregnant.

Q. Did it actually kill babies?
A. Indeed, many Filipino women, including Dr. Vilma Gonzaga, suffered miscarriages as a direct result of the intentionally altered tetanus vaccine.

Q. Is this an isolated incident? NO!
A. The BBC report said, "There are several research programmes around the world testing the contraceptive vaccine linked to tetanus, which creates an immune response."

How is this related to the Gates Foundation gift? According to published reports, the tetanus program funded by the Gates Foundation shares two important elements with the Philippines attack on babies:

1) it is focused on providing tetanus vaccines only to women of child-bearing age; and

2) the vaccine is reportedly being provided by the World Health Organization (they also provided the Philippines vaccine).

1 The Human Laboratory, BBC-TV, November 5, 1995
2 "Experts confirm contaminated anti-tetanus vaccines," News release from the Office of Senator Francisco S. Tatad, September 4, 1996
3 "Anti-pregnancy element found in tetanus vaccines," HLI Reports, November 1996; "Canadian laboratories, international aid agencies implicated in vaccine scandal," HLI Reports, December 1996.

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