Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : 10 Hairstyles From the ’90s Every Black Man Rocked Back in the Day


Aug 28, 2015
I love my peeps for countless reasons. But, today I am reminded of my brother's bold creativity and ingenuity in hair fashions. Don't ever sleep on them, cause they always come fresh and new, again, and again.


10 Hairstyles From the ’90s Every Black Man Rocked Back in the Day

Don’t lie—some of you are still rocking them today.


If you ask most black men what their style was like in the ’90s, they will reference the hairstyle they were rocking first. Every decade has its list of “it” trends—the ones that instantly transport you back in time when you see them.

We polled some of the men in our lives who have been fly through the decades and asked them to describe their life in the ’90s and which trend they were pulling off at the time. Many of these hairstyles are still hot today but made their mark decades ago.

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