Black People : 1 in 100 Now Behind Bars


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Jun 24, 2007
1 in 100 Now Behind Bars; Numbers for Blacks and Latinos Bleak

Three decades of constant prison-population growth has pushed the United States over a new, unwelcome threshold. For the first time, more than one in every 100 Americans is incarcerated; however, for Blacks and Latinos, that number is significantly higher.


US Incarceration Rate Hits New High,8599,1718266,00.html

"For some groups, the incarceration numbers are especially startling," the report said. "While one in 30 men between the ages of 20 and 34 is behind bars, for black males in that age group the figure is one in nine."

The racial disparity for women also is stark. One of every 355 white women aged 35 to 39 is behind bars, compared with one of every 100 black women in that age group.

The nationwide figures, as of Jan. 1, include 1,596,127 people in state and federal prisons and 723,131 in local jails. That's out of almost 230 million American adults.

The report said the United States incarcerates more people than any other nation, far ahead of more populous China with 1.5 million people behind bars. It said the U.S. also is the leader in inmates per capita (750 per 100,000 people), ahead of Russia (628 per 100,000) and other former Soviet bloc nations which round out the Top 10.



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Feb 9, 2006
1 in 100...

while these numbers are startling and too high for a so-called civilized nation,and yes while there are also those behind bars who actually are innocent i ask you this..if those who are guilty had the opportunity to truly turn their lives around if enough rehabilitation programs were offered,how many would stay out of trouble for good and who would stray,the parole system in this country is a sad joke constantly releasing criminals back into society who are in no shape,manner or form ready to be back amoung law abiding folks the criminal justice system in america need a SERIOUS overhaul but how to do it is the answer and until such answer is found the numbers will increase.


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Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
Yawl still waiting for the round up to begin?

Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001
Yea, I know this cuz California has I think the most prison facilities in the country. Something like that. I know our taxes go a lot to the prison system and paying prison guards high wages. I read an article about how much prison guards were getting paid and all the leaves of absent that were taken off but goes untracked or sumptin.

Amazing, isn't it?

Much Love,
Desert Storm


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Jun 24, 2007
It is amazing to know some still believe 9/11 was an external terrorist act, and use this mis-information to continue terrorising the rest of the world. It is amazing is that 1 out of 100 in the USA are incarcerated. Terrorism within and terrorism without. hmrph. I shudder to think about it too deeply.

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