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Jan 22, 2001
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Ha! Not much to be said here. More than 82% of American black women are either over weight or obese. Attempting to glorify or extol this as a desirable trait is dangerous and disingenuous to the health and well being of black women. Celebrating obesity and being overweight is like encouraging people to smoke crack or meth. WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF BEING GROSSLY OVER WEIGHT OR OBESE? Next time you see an obese woman at the age of 75 or 80 -please make note of it! E'nuff said.....

:hello: carbonite ... Welcome Welcome Welcome ... :wave:

Thanks for joining us and sharing.

I removed the image you included in your post above because it looks like you're trying to be disrespectful.

Are you? Do you have a problem with Sisters that have some extra pounds, big boned, obese even?

Perfection started this thread to lift up Sisters, and if you aint feel'n it, wanna do otherwise ... start a thread.

I happen to be a Sister, a Black Woman, over-weight i'm sure, and been even bigger.

You got a problem with that and/or me?

Who are you? What do you weigh? Are you black? Male? Wassup?

You hate'n on big Sisters ... show us what you're work'n with.

Post your full body picture ... instead of some random black woman's.




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May 30, 2015
Obesity is not healthy, and should not be exalted as something our ladies should inspire to be. My view has nothing to do with appearances, because I have seen quite a few sisters who can carry their weight well. My main worry is that our ladies' obesity rates contribute to their higher illness rates in various diseases that obesity is considered a contributing factor. By trying to claim the problem as a positive, we are not dealing with a problem that causes major health issues among our women.

I did not see his picture, so I do not have a clue what he displayed that was disrespectful. The manner in which he wrote his post could have been far more diplomatic and less hyperbolic, but the general idea of the post rings true.


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Jan 20, 2015
2/3rd adults and nearly 1/3rd children are obese. These stats cover all racial lines in the US.
The OP is showing some beautiful big boned sisters, and some want to give a medical diagnosis.

The women he has posted are beautiful.
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