Quiet Poetry Lounge : “Going To Hell From The Pews”


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Mar 13, 2006
Somewhere between paradise and diaster
“Going To Hell From The Pews”
Ought to be today’s hot breaking news
For more then a few in the pew are acting like sinners do
Acting like the Almighty never saved more than a few

First there’s the holier than thou saint
Acting like they were never ever an “ain’t”
Holding their noses all high up in the air
Forgetting they ever used to be right there
That place were doing right is still a battle
Where thing come to make you faith rattle
Where falling short and getting up again seem to be routine
Yet they were right there before they became so pure & pristine
If truth be told they have to admit they still falter on some things
For to each and every one of us some temptation shall cling

Next sitting out in the pews is the “I Just Got Be Me” saint
Who covers themselves in the hues of “Let’s Be Real” paint
They loudly proclaim “God knows they’re trying for sure”
And they say “Who can really be a completely new creature”
Forgetting that the real deal is He died for the sins of the world
And it’s possible for all to be a saved and sanctified boy or girl
Furthermore just being their same ole’ self or keeping it too real
Might just send their real self straight to the real place called hell
Why won’t they let the old man die and give space for the new man to rise
So they’ll be able to stand for something without a need for compromise

Lastly out in the pews is the outright hypocritical saint
Telling everyone that its time is to get right but they ain’t
Living a double life, one of salvation, and one of pure sin
Living the devils life all through the week till the weekend
But when Sunday comes their life is a totally different story
For then they are all about giving the Almighty some glory
But what is done in the dark will eventually come to light
And we will see the “Saints gone wild video” every night
For no one man can serve two separate masters successfully
Cause one will sooner or later take over control completely

If in these lines you found yourself in any way
I encourage you to take heed and get right today
But don’t you dare think I sit in judgment of you
For this humble author found myself in the pew too


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Jan 24, 2004
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Boy oh boy, I remember once living in the pews myself...but hey, ...I was holy yall :insane: halfway through my insanity, I bowed out :read:
feeling your piece poet!


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Mar 21, 2001
somehow this fit like hand n' glove
so many cross and pass through da mud
i know so many that holds the key card to this scripture.

speak on tell the story truth......


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Oct 4, 2003
The cast of characters are familiar, and you painted a vivid picture of those who aren't really fooling anyone except themselves.


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Apr 19, 2003
speak on it. do we really need to go to church to prove that we believe in our own personal god?? to me church is a big show.
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