Black Poetry : ‘Women” The Man Said; What Do You Know About The Black Man God Gave Me The Blue Print

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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.
‘Women” The Man Said; What Do You Know?
About The Black Man.
God Gave Me The Blue Print Carved In Stone

Women the man said; what do you
know about what it is to be a blackman.
I read the stroll the scripts made out of Gold
Yes I am Black Women, but the script said Man
Was made in the image of God. I am the rib that
You share when you feel the pain so do I
I am the laughter when the world brings you pain.
I am the pyramid; that’s curves, I am the womb
that brings you great tribes, so who is the black man
You might ask? he is the creation of all, and the sweet
Incense of God, he created the heavens and the earth.
He wrote sweet words as the prophet
the poet of great words.
He is holy than holy the greatest love
than the world would ever know.

He gave his sons, as you my king,
the warriors of great tribes.
He gave the waters that man can
drink from the fruits of knowledge.
He gave the breath that man would
breathe, his strength as warrior
Who will never be chained, he gives
chose the wisdom
Of great men, the reasoning of the Blackman,
the ebony sweetness
Beyond this land to identify the beauty
of blackness nevertheless
the world uses it as darkness. The blue
print was carved in stone.
Break the chains upon the cross..

Thy God the artist, the poet, wisdom,
righteousness, humanities, forgiveness,
Life, death, principality, morality, love,
understanding, knowledge, the script
was written in stone, I hold the blue print
who is the Blackman?
The evil of some of my brothers, cripples
the image of a King, if he would only get
it right; his knowledge would be as the
prophets that sits by God side.

The torch is burning out. I cry out loud
I got the blue print God defend my cause
The voices of the souls, thunder and silence,
Imaginary and the master mind.
Every man a King, Change time and thought
Change the man, when a brave man chooses death.
Man of integrity the basis of actions,
the reign of law, the temple of brotherhood.
Oh dear God I cry the blood.
Spiritual culture, emancipation,
the generous of inventions
Death the hanging of the hand on the clock.

The hidden secrets in the beginning,
why and what is man?
Bondage and freedom, the word, the reason for the universe,
Mind in action, conscious, cosmic, the law of consciousness’
I got the blue print who is the black man?

Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Sonny Carson,
Rap Brown, Huey Newton, Martin Luther
King, Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey, Salsa, the
Spirit of my Brother Jesus continue to come.
Who is the black man I got the blue print
To defend my cause, Who is the black man
How do I know? Jesus hanged upon the cross
The savior who brought man and women across.
Womb man; Manifestation man;
The blue print is carved in stone.
Look above the cloud so shall you.

Free among the un free, transforming power of mind;
Thought and purpose, energy and power, prophet of meditation.
The free mind. Onward path of liberation,
liberation and duality, crisis in conscious

Promise land all are nothing, the birth of words,
pondering the skies to find
Ones hand, transcendent awaits, time
silently without movement, fate has no hold
Traveling through the turmoil’s of darkness.
Seduction of scriptures sings, hungers of raging fears.

Battle cries, relevancy will not be erase,
the freedoms of its foes, hands of creativity,
ready to bite, the shackles dissolves as
the spoken words it rise, the imbibing
the spoken words, it shy away from the
suranity the symbols of emblems
that set before the feet.
How loud is the thunder? A letter written in blood.
God gave the blue print written on stone.

To understand the meaning of being
a Blackman shall take centuries in
understanding the landmarks of
history; I got the blue print
the corruption of identity stands.

Before the justice of humanities ;
in who and what identify a jewel which
cannot be replaced. The blood line
that is un-tarnish and could not be
duplicated because of the rotten roots;
that bare no heritage to its own cause.
The implication of unity sings out loud,
but the execution of legacies
Shall never be erase, I got the blue print ask God.
When man lives by the laws of the man man bible
he is blinded and cannot reveal the true meaning
of what a black man is. :time:

Copywrite 2004

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