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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : Clip in bangs

    I would like to try Hairvivi clip in bangs after seeing so many reviews on Youtube, and want to share with someone
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    African American History Culture : Black women with wig

    I'm wondering why black women like to wear wig? NO OFFENSE, I'm in great interest in mysterious black culture, and recently I want to know the origin of wig wearing, so is there any one know the history of wig wearing?
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : wig help

    Has anyone ordered the pre-made bald cap method from Hairvivi? Do they send the same wig as Youtubers to the customer?
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : pre-made fake scalp wig

    I think pre-made fake scalp wig is genius, since it allows no cap, no stocking or glue, which is rather easy to wear, and they have light and dark brown cap which is so considerate. The wig looks quite natural and realistic, so i decided to get one, and i would like to know more wig experience...