1. Azacotogan

    Black Spirituality Religion : Salawa (Karma) and its ramifications for African people according to Vodun part two

    Now that we have talked a little about the nature of salawa, let's talk about the concept of maroonage. First, I'd like to make clear that the principles of salawa and the importance of good character are not only relevant for maroons but for all Africans in general. No matter where African...
  2. J

    Black Spirituality Religion : To all practitioners of Ifa Orisha, Vodun, Akan, or any other Traditional African Religion

    I have a few questions that no one can ever seem to answer regarding the spirits (Orishas, Voduns, the Abosom, Ancestors, etc.) One common theme that comes up when people mention the spirits is “Protection.” Protection from evil, protection from negative energy, protection from enemies etc. So...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: 4 Mile

    Like black seed oil mixed with olive oil inside a 2 ounce bottle converted into a metric unit of 59 milliliters i twisted the cap off gently as the eyedropper is attached letting the natural solution drip and drop and drip and drop and tick and tock approximately five seconds are wasted out of...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: 1 Mile

    Str8 Souljah and i'm going going gone(echoing) the 16 cowrie shells wrapped around the ends of my Edocherokeeian hair tells all before i show without a tale plus i do not bail neither no drugs i sells nor participate in sexual activities either i am an immortal or a silent bomb shattering every...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: Moving Like An Ant

    Moving like an ant ain't concern with this outside representation of a total misrepresentation i'm already knowing what time it is using all of them smokescreens to get on through see ya bye getting more of my business on without any focal points witnessing it keep stacking my cash ends...