1. Mario William vitale

    Black Poetry : Desire

    We allowed the lies of our lives to expire, when we used to dance around fires, while the heat of our bodies perspired to the gods without names that we lived to be desired by, that we saw from the rocks and the trees to the birds in the sky, and even though this once bitter soul might try, to...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: Your Time Is Up

    A. Boogert and any others who are characters inside their master's hands written see you can identify yourself be concrete with it all like i said before i am my own character with my own languages i follow closely to the Roots i translate for myself based on my intelligence for self and not for...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: Your Color Is Your Ignorance and Their Racism Plus Colorism

    Once you know thyself then you are no longer ignorant plus you cannot play into their hand of racism and colorism as you will find you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind in work needed to be done to yourself and yours truly of your own family tree and see people are going to look at you funny while...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: You Got No Power

    So therefore you going to remain emotionally. If you know nothing about the art of war and peace it boils down to business and economics. You can put all of the unrelates propaganda out there 24/7 and the CIA loves it as they approve first cause you will not see the real major players on the...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: Just Being Real

    Like X say let them think how they think and you think how you think on that paper it might say this and that okay they thinking like that it ain't your thinking and you treat em like a child with laughter and smiles cause after all you building your empire which contradicts to everything they...
  6. Lrae

    Black Poetry : It's Not

    It's not secret because you don't know it, but because you don't understand it. It's not hidden because you can't see it, but because you can't comprehend it. It's not truth because you believe it, but because you couldn't have planned it. It's not a miracle because you can't do it, but...