1. Latina Green

    Black Education / Schools : Guide I Made for How to Earn A's on Tests, Send to a Student You Know!

    Hi Family, I am a retired A+ student and math tutor, and I want to pass on my study methods to the next generation before I forget them :) I have always hated that there are classes on everything but how to study. Grades are not a product of intelligence, but hard work and strategy; the more...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: My Secret Teaching of Cursive Writing

    What i started to teach my oldest niece was how to correlate her cursive writing to the 360 degree circle to the clock to the compass pretty much mirroring the logographic calligraphy getting her prepared to move on into other languages plus testing my own art feature out cause she always pay...

    Black Poetry : Passenger Driver's School

    A win-win situation there was a female who introduced herself as a criminal justice graduate working as a security guard for a hospital on night shift said she wanted to open or be apart of the victim's advocate program. I simply told we all are victims not just one gender her face one-sided a...

    Black Poetry : What are the requirements?

    I did my research you look up the requirements of starting a driver's school for passengers and commercial. If you have a criminal record then get it expunged pardoned or take the necessary redeeming courses which most these days are online and you do the hourly approach get your certificate...
  5. skuderjaymes

    Black People : Could Year-round School solve Chicago's Crime problem?

    Check this out: source : If you go to the live source.. you can see that these spikes in crime all occur in July.. during summer vacation. I've heard the theories that say it's because it's hot.. but I'm wondering if it's just because folks are idle. I...
  6. Clyde C Coger Jr

    Black Positive People : Over 100 Black Men Dressed In Suits Greet Inner-City Children on Their First Day of School

    In the Spirit of Role Models, Over 100 Black Men Dressed In Suits Greet Inner-City Children on Their First Day of School On Aug. 25, children from a Hartford, Conn., elementary school got an unexpected surprise when they showed up for their first day of class. Upon entering the building...