1. MissDivineXo

    Black Hebrew Israelites : The Seven Covenants

    Is anyone in search of what the covenants are and how they pertain to us in today's times? This is a video that I found from The House Of Wisdom that gives a description of the covenants. Please take the time to watch it and share your thoughts. I would like to compare some of your thoughts on...
  2. BlaqScorpion

    Black Spirituality Religion : What do you think happens when you call on Jesus as opposed to Yahshua or any other name?

    This has always been a topic of heated discussion among friends and family. I'm not overtly religious by any means, but I definitely believe that the Bible (as well as the Torah, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, etc.) has many principles that can leaned upon towards becoming a more positive individual...
  3. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : Tug-a-war of Faith & Intellect

    Dying to finally erupt from my mental But the aftermath may be detrimental For the world is purposely judgmental Yet I can't keep this truth compartmental As this knowledge transforms transcendentally Purposely sought after never gained accidentally However today my pen seems to be...
  4. Brotha Amun

    Black People : Are you sleeping with Lucifer?

    © King Gee Inc. After finishing my lecture entitled There Reptilians amongst Us I received a call from a sister who appeared to be very spiritual. She informed me that what I was speaking about was very real, and how she experienced multiple occurrences that will blow people...
  5. Brotha Amun

    Black People : Are Latinos closer to Africans?

    The reason why I used the terms so-called Latinos and so-called African Americans is because both people are exactly the same in origin. There isn’t much difference between Latino and African people; you will understand why I am saying this after you finish reading this article. I am not sure if...