1. R♥mantasy: The Premier Al Green Show

    R♥mantasy: The Premier Al Green Show

    SOUL-A-LEU-JAH.............Eleven Excerpts Of Al Green's Hit Love Songs~!!! Finally......A premier tribute show worthy of the performer being honored. Jimy B...
  2. ChicSheek

    Black Entertainment : Barbie, the best female rapper?

    My daughter absolutely loves Barbie! She loves music as well. So my wife, being a rapper herself, decided to make a music video for Barbie. It's Hilarious and our daughter loves it. We think it's a great way to bring a different musical culture to children and a wonderful way to bond as a...
  3. Clyde C Coger Jr

    Black Entertainment : The Grammy Awards Are Racist as Hell

    ... :chop: The Grammy Awards Are Racist as Hell Year after year, ‘Music’s Biggest Night’ rewards white artists while diminishing the accomplishments of black artists IRA MADISON III “In the entire history of the Grammys, only 10 black artists have won Album of the Year.”...
  4. Mario William vitale

    Black Entertainment : Grand Master Flash Fresh Style

    Grand Master Flash Fresh Style Making some adjustments to classic turntables. I was a geek coming up. I did extensive studies on the stylus. I had to figure out the proper needle that would stay inside the groove when it’s under the pressure of the vinyl being moved counterclockwise. That was...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: Architecture

    Put in work help redesign plus install stone and concrete block skeleton structure with militant squarish walls drainage included the kind you can post on horticulture pathways along side have depots connected to them all storing can goods inside jars plus spring tap water with the honey and...

    Black Poetry : Circular Music Temple (Tornado Style)

    I write the real from my mindset the Garveyian Difference composed of business and economics. Touch down an auditorium my circular temple but backup i been to the Queen's Theater in London watched the Phantom of the Opera paid attention to the structure and how the atmosphere dazzled the...
  7. Precise Allah

    Black Entertainment : Beyounce Penetrates the CMA

    Peace, I don't do country music but I did get to see Beyounce at the CMA last night. I'm only posting this because I know next to nothing about Country music but did learn a thing or two because of last nights performance...
  8. DjajiPrime

    Black Entertainment : Anyone Down For Some African Music?

    Great African albums I'm enjoying right now are, The "Gold" album by Adekunle Gold, "...And The Bass Is Queen" by Lindsey Abudei, also enjoying some Angelique Kidjo. What are some of your recommendations?
  9. skuderjaymes

    Black People : Gregory Porter - Take Me To The Alley