1. Mario William vitale

    Black Poetry : Emo B 979

    there came up from the projects a Brooklyn youth holding anger in his eyes he came at a big surprise with two turn tables with a mic he was ready for a fight rattle his cage at such an early age all in a haze piercing back the flames lest I rearrange the all fame game getting better then...
  2. Mario William vitale

    Black Poetry : Poets To Poetry

    poets to poetry you got to sit next to me while i work on my degree flirting faces fancy traces with fat laces in Peyton places here's the situation my parents went away on a new vacation culmination with words in time making those sucker's shine from behind quintessential my new rhymes are...
  3. Mario William vitale

    Black Poetry : Who Is This Trump You Speak Of ?

    Heads Are Coming Together All for a great cause To love one another This comes from the hand of God Strength comes to those willing to explore Took look deeper in the bible like ever before Grab a hold of a hand when to understand Sad faces will be no more Lest I implore an opened door Freaks in...
  4. Mario William vitale

    Black Poetry : The Wall

    Capitalism North Korea Tear Down The Wall Comb over Trump is on the mountain Lines are being drawn in the sand When to understand we can't keep sticking it to the man Burning bridges faces, space & burning the midnight oil taking to long to watch the water boil Have we forgotten our true...
  5. Mario William vitale

    Black Poetry : Take It Easy

    How long will it take for you to see Life is just an illusion, it's gonna pass eventually The flesh is just a lie Eventually you're gonna die But your soul will live on Rejoice in this don't mourn God made you to die It's why you were born Last night GOD spoke to me Your pain will end soon, so...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: War & Peace

    See i learned to not be around certain types of groups and you learn that when you growing up taught to you and i got taught by my people so my mission is near and dear of my people i ain't together with no one out here cause when they turn another path guess who gotta keep on his? That's righ...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: Carpentier Ants

    We roll to the educational facilities cause we wrote ourselves that'away into another level where no ak-47 cause touch us communicating only about the food water and shelter plus whoever endangers the colony foe show run up to get ya'swell up fo not knowing our weather stay that pleather we roll...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: Maritime For Marcus Garveyians Only

    Get on your grind use your smokescreens of they society have no sympathy.... "...and remember itz yo life...."
  9. Lrae

    Black Poetry : WHEN IT FELL

    It was all going well, chop chop, then the tree fell, wood turned to paper, getting bills through the mail, fed up, can’t you tell, stomp, kick, scream and yell, lay down on the sword, self impel, so that’s how the crack got in the bell, look forward to heaven, this is hell. Run and tell...
  10. Lrae

    Black Astrology : As above

    Thou Shalt Not Kill So there are nine levels to Heaven, and man was born on level eight. He fell seven levels and came out at Hell’s gate, dead from sin. Then at winter’s end, he rose again, but wait, let me tell you about his fate and the 30 year journey he had to take before his life...