kamala harris

  1. Writeous1

    Black People : The True Kamala Harris Story

    First off, what’s the deal with so many black people supporting people just because they’re black? And really, they don’t actually have to be black, the media only has to say they are. And when it comes to Kamala Harris, her mother was East Indian, and her father was part Jamaican and part...
  2. Discerning

    Black People Politics : Biden and Harris clobber Trump again for White House

    Well, it looks as if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have defeated would-be dictator Donald Trump yet again. The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday, Dec. 12, swatted aside the Trump campaign’s desperate attempt to invalidate the 2020 election. In effect, the Justices determined that Texas has no business...
  3. Clyde C Coger Jr

    Black People Politics : Why Can't Kamala Catch Fire?

    ... 2020 Why Can't Kamala Catch Fire? Harris is definitely the best prosecutor of the bunch—but she and her campaign are wrestling with several messages and her polling numbers have stalled. Still, “This is a two-year race.” One of Harris’s greatest challenges is selling the idea that she...