1. ChicSheek

    Black Entertainment : Barbie, the best female rapper?

    My daughter absolutely loves Barbie! She loves music as well. So my wife, being a rapper herself, decided to make a music video for Barbie. It's Hilarious and our daughter loves it. We think it's a great way to bring a different musical culture to children and a wonderful way to bond as a...
  2. Louise Cosper

    Black Parenting : A POSITIVE EXAMPLE

    I want to tell you about a family I deeply respect. They came from a difficult situation with a lot of gang activity, anger and tension between whites and blacks. But, these parents wanted to expand the horizons of their children. They didn't want them to think every part of American was as...
  3. P

    Black Short Stories : Web Of Love (3 ) family over flowers

    *** I raised up my hands, in a placatory manner, as if in surrender, suing through my eyes, words and stance for peace, forgiveness. Whatever. "Vinny, calm down please. I'm really sorry. Let's talk this over. I..." I began to say. But he was having none of that. He landed a powerful punch on...