1. R

    The Front Porch : I'm All About Economic Empowerment

    Hi All, First, I'm excited to be a part of such a vibrant, progressive forum for black folks! I am a real estate flipper, wholesaler and landlord and it is my passion to bring more of my people into real estate to create financial freedom for themselves. I''m tired of seeing people in my...
  2. Oni Bey

    Black Education / Schools : Teaching Our Own Children

    What is your child actually learning? Who designed their curriculum? Did you know that children of color taught in a culture focused environment have a better sense of purpose and succeed more in the classroom? Children are first visual learners. This is why we need that representation in the...
  3. DigitallyBlack

    Black Education / Schools : Bridging the Digital Divide

    With the laundry list of things for us black people to be concerned about this issue needs attention to. This isn't simply about black kids being left behind but small black-owned businesses. We've reviewed a lot of black-owned businesses with outdated websites, poorly executed digital...
  4. Latina Green

    Black Education / Schools : Guide I Made for How to Earn A's on Tests, Send to a Student You Know!

    Hi Family, I am a retired A+ student and math tutor, and I want to pass on my study methods to the next generation before I forget them :) I have always hated that there are classes on everything but how to study. Grades are not a product of intelligence, but hard work and strategy; the more...
  5. Louise Cosper

    Black Education / Schools : Beware of Common Core Curriculum

    Have you noticed that simple math is no longer simple? In fact, who can understand it? Sometimes the "smart" people who come up with education ideas, aren't so smart. I'm sure that our government politicians did not realize the ramifications of the Common Core Curriculum when they approved the...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: A Sample and Royalty? Your own Tax?

    I learned how to respect myself i suggested myself and see you know a Patent System along with your own Stamp and Mailing Service has really already been done... if you Publish your own literature notarize your certification of the literature then it is a way in and way out. What i learned from...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: Can You Read?

    Can you read another human being's intellectual language dimensionally? If you like me do you still or is working on Root languages to be economically justified for business? Have you heard of Gullah? Creole? Swahilli? Ever heard of a Mathematical Language? What you see in the Greek Alphabet? Is...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: Stay Educated

    Is the message about yourself and your future times just because someone else stopped does not mean you have to too. "this message is to the youth who want and need to change the future by any means necessary. Never wait on a handout...."

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: Create Your Own Investment Group

    To make a Stock Market Exchange from a S type business structure creating notarized promissory notes with your potential investors be the details to make sure you can handle giving back on time not like a fervor scandal get the ears of the small businesses get them to change their business...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: Flight Training for Tuskegee Likeminds Only

    Go enroll send your son send your daughter to that school you know about after getting them flight trained after buying your county tax auction house then work on that aircraft in the meanwhile go get em a real video gain that flight simulator dem...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: My Lexicons I Do Not Incorporate

    Being logographic calligraphy means i get to write in a cursive degree for degree teaching my niece a little bit about me opening her own self up from the constellations to the cotton paper inked i got my own language vs your trickery i be the master of my own mind symbols can blow your back out...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: Are You African-American?

    Only by identification like a passport and other services you sign for like if you go to South Korea and become a citizen over there you are a what? You can chose African Korean or Beninese Korean or South Korean doesn't it really matter if you would like it to matter cause with me i am by my...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: Being A Leader Ain't Easy

    From the list of abandoned schools for sale to the list of abandoned towns for sale to the list of governmental structures up for sale to the lands out from the towns and cities for sale i can settle for a high school reconstruction model doing it my way still private for-profit cause my way is...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: You Know How To Drive?

    You check the rearview briefly keep focused on your destination being careful to not be absent minded watch your sides those mirrors make sure you got enough gas and your headlights are not glossed over to include windshield wiper total functional cause making money pays especially remember to...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: Positive Psychoactive Effects

    If you ah butterfly when you float tap the domino's top keep floating on bye as each goal succeeds as each is link to each other until the last one which is the finale gets knocked off the edge into the water ploop! rippling. Butterfly time space domino risk water drop ripple applied geometric...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: You Got No Power

    So therefore you going to remain emotionally. If you know nothing about the art of war and peace it boils down to business and economics. You can put all of the unrelates propaganda out there 24/7 and the CIA loves it as they approve first cause you will not see the real major players on the...

    Black Poetry : My Private Roads

    Means buy the real estate used the clear woods for logged cabins security measures connecting from the port to the territory of lineage choice plus do the research of tribal law don't forget to create your own currency precisely have it backed by your Option and Reserve Exchange dayum what do...
  18. umbrarchist

    Black Education / Schools : Education and Progress in the REAL World

    But how have most White people "progressed" since MLK was assissinated? They seem to be complaining. We seem to live in a system designed to screw most White people so what they call an educational system is designed to screw them. So wouldn't True Education mean out thinking the...
  19. S

    Black People : Could Year-round School solve Chicago's Crime problem?

    Check this out: source : If you go to the live source.. you can see that these spikes in crime all occur in July.. during summer vacation. I've heard the theories that say it's because it's hot.. but I'm wondering if it's just because folks are idle. I...
  20. ckoolbreez

    Black Authors : Released My First Children's Book Today! **Joni's Closet**

    Hey Destee Fam, Just released my first children's book on Amazon titled Joni's Closet. You can download it free today! Here's the link: Write me a review and tell me what ya think!