1. Destee

    Site News : Site Maintenance Complete

    Peace and Blessings Family, The site maintenance is complete. Thanks for your patience. Loving Us! :heart: Destee
  2. Titoub

    Suggestion : Bank of Destee..

    How about it peeps, What do you think of destee having an online banking system?... With Destee Dollars and Status Points... Dollars exchange for USD Dollars and Points is what you get for doing for others..... Just a Thought.
  3. Titoub

    Black People : Well I just can't do it....

    Not by my self....I am done trying to help and getting no where..... People are just generally stupid and I don't have the time to teach... Is this stopping me no... Will I die trying YES... I saw a picture today It had A boat on water in this boat have several small boats. In each boat stood 1...
  4. Destee

    Destee's Thoughts Happy 18th Birthday To US! - Live Call In Show - Friday @ 8 pm ET - Call 251-263-5220

    :birthday: :party: :birthday: :party: :birthday: :party: :birthday: :party: birthday: :yaay: :yaay: ... Let's Get This Party Started !!! ... :yaay: :yaay: Call In # - 251 - 263 - 5220 Friday Night @ 8 pm ET - 10/2/15 Let's hang out and talk and be happy together! :drink...