1. Chyko

    Black People : Explain With A Scientific Reason Why "Black" People Are Dying Of COVID-19 More - Rapper Stefflon Don

    Stephanie Victoria Allen, popularly known as Stefflon Don, has posed a question to her 2.4m Instagram followers. The British rapper who is dating Nigerian superstar, Burna Boy, wants a scientific explanation as to why more black people are dying of COVID-19. While reacting to her question...
  2. Chyko

    Black Entertainment : Drake Booed Off Stage At Tyler, The Creator’s festival Camp Flog Gnaw, Here's Why

    Tyler, The Creator’s festival Camp Flog Gnaw ended last night with fans ensuring Drake got booed. They were expecting a surprise headline slot to be filled with a big name with rumours that it would be Frank Ocean. However, the crowd ended up being disappointed when Drake showed up alongside...
  3. Chyko

    Black Entertainment : Lupita Nyong’o Reveals This Shocking Thing a Makeup Artist Once Told Her About Her Dark Skin

    If you follow the activities of Lupita Nyong’o, then you know she isn't shy at all when it comes to discussing her experiences as a dark-skinned black woman growing up and as a Hollywood star. During a recent sit-down with Oprah Winfrey, the actress disclosed a remark a makeup artist recently...
  4. Chyko

    Black Entertainment : LisaRaye McCoy Says Duane Martin "Stole" Her Husband From Her

    It's no longer news that there are quite a number of people who believe that Duane Martin is a gay lord. They point at his unusually close friendship with actor Will Smith. This time, LisaRaye McCoy has blamed him saying Martin "stole" her husband the former chief minister of the Turks and...