1. Mario William vitale

    Black Poetry : Sea Stack

    skipped rocks through a stream today the opening of a brand new day its frame is in minor decay the bleached wood massed in bone piles, we pulled it from dark beach and built fire in a fenced clearing the posts' blunt stubs sank down the circled and were roofed by milled lumber dragged...
  2. Mario William vitale

    Black Poetry : A Return Of The Mack ( The Closet King)

    got rhymes that rap got rhymes that reel some may say it's no big deal like a human shield we come together light as a feather no matter the weather got me on a leash trying to impeach Trump I got a hunch call me late for lunch to walk the miracle mile still to know all the great while I'm not a...
  3. Mario William vitale

    Black Poetry : Sex & Black Velvet Cake

    Love under lock and key... an exquisite sunset, 'O' paints pretty colors, before a maiden's heart dances, piroettes beneath the straight, moonbeams bointe to her fate as she waits patiently a devine key will unlock her heart, revelation will reward her patience a paired key is waiting on...
  4. Mario William vitale

    Black Poetry : What Are We Protesting For ?

    What Are We Protesting For ? a call to the west we must clearly confess all of life is a big test through pillars of sought after dignity others will just do what they please some getting knocked to their knees what are we protesting for ? with billboards of promise offering so much more yet we...
  5. Mario William vitale

    Black Poetry : Lines Formed On My Face & Hands

    there's a passion burning from deep inside a desire for blood in my thirst quenched soul things in life are getting way out of control each of us goes through certain phases all where looking for is an inner place some how it may come from outer space a social disgrace in my Peyton place many...