1. Chidike

    Black People : With Gentrification, We Are Becoming Outsiders In Our Own Communities Gentrification. What are we to make of it, and why is it necessary? Must a community become a white space in order for its residents to enjoy decent goods and services? Why can’t everyone live in...
  2. Chidike

    Black Money Business Jobs : Black Job Applicants Change ‘Black-Sounding’ Names,Awards and Organizations to Bypass Discrimination

    Now of course we don't and shouldn't get discriminated against...... but i'm not going to purposely change my name just to appease them like some "good little slave". Its like trying to make the oppressor comfortable, so we can get some scraps...
  3. Chidike

    The Police : Its Now Become Suicidal To Call The Police

    Its been confirmed that Amerikkka is a basically a Police State and the Police are the present day Gestapo in action and lingo. The majority of Amerikkkan Police are White Supremacists patrolling Black neighborhoods just as the Gestapo did the so called "Jews" in the "Ghettos" during WW2. Ironic...