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  1. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : My pen bleeding truth

    Impregnated by the disenfranchised dreams of ancestor forcefully drugged from kingdoms Teetering back in forth in labors pains wondering when the gestation will cease and bring forth freedom Sick and tired of being told to forget about the stretch marks of yesteryears as if all of it can be...
  2. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : Who we are

    When you speak of a statistic... KNOW that WE are the redefinition We are the demonstration of recycled royalty reflected We are the presentation of the resilience of the slave's seeds We are the dream and hope of forefathers buried toiling for freedom We are the showcase of the conductors of...
  3. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : monday evening thoughts

    My intellect cannot be defined or confined to a few meager lines Or captured in snapshots of the vernacular articulated in passing For as I matriculate between cultural dimensions and indentations I assimilate into the setting, plot, mood and tone of the scene Not as a chameleon dying...
  4. asimplepoet

    Black Haiku : Lying images

    I found the picture imagined was only traced yet still saved by grace
  5. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : Sunday Morning ramblings

    I awaken wrapped securely in your arms Feeling content to be safe from harm Blessed to be loved for simply being me Satisfied to allows things to just be Yet even as I settle into your reassurance My mental trys to form plan b insurance The devil on my left whispers "what about the bad days"...
  6. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : the inner-city school

    Entering what is deemed as equitable didactic place I the instructor begin to scan the array of student faces Looking back at me are immigrants and refugees Students who speak at least two languages or three Student who have no place designated to lay their head Students catching buses to work...
  7. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : Redefining the Algebra of us

    You are not too proud to beg But you can't unfry the egg Nor unspill the milk cup So it's time to suck it up Get out the stinking pigsty And learn to again soar & fly Never meant to be rock bottom Time to disengage from Sodom Shake the filth from your coat Get their foot off your throat...
  8. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : Why I write this way

    Pardon me if my vernacular Is quintessentially spectacular For my intentions are bona fide Dictation intended to incite pride Orchestrated to speak to your soul Designed to inspire one to be whole So your greatness can be permeated Causing ignorance to be terminated Security of delusions to...
  9. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : Our lives matter

    Walking through our soul with muddy boots Attempting to take our serenity as loot Yet questioning our sincerity and integrity When we highlight the blatant disparity Yes a hammer sees everything as a nail However this realization is far from a fail Time to just simply call a spade a spade We...
  10. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : Living life 3D

    Living life beyond it's length to it's very breadth I want to thrive and not just survive it's depth No more deep seated belief in inferiority For in Him I've discovered my superiority I found the strength to blossom out the shell No longer going to bow down and quell Time to go forth and...
  11. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : Tug-a-war of Faith & Intellect

    Dying to finally erupt from my mental But the aftermath may be detrimental For the world is purposely judgmental Yet I can't keep this truth compartmental As this knowledge transforms transcendentally Purposely sought after never gained accidentally However today my pen seems to be...
  12. asimplepoet

    Black Authors : Zebra Thoughts by me

    So happy to announce the completion of my first book. Would love to have your support family.
  13. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : A novel review

    Words arranged in an array as pretty as a bouquet Yet so intense your thoughts run awry like a prey Anxious but cautiously peering into the ambiguity Marveling at the authors pure and simple ingenuity The juxtaposition of familiar and foreign draws you in Only to catch you off guard within the...
  14. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : Injustice Bullet

    Denoted as the esteemed land of the free Yet it's the most incarcerated nation to be Land of blind justice is the label quoted in haste Yet Lady Liberty's vision has been skewed a taste Just enough for her to see the status quo of man And justice is served to fit the confines of that plan No...
  15. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : Teetering on the edge of destiny

    Sprinting towards the place of ultimate slaughter Searching in empty wells for HIS living water Dying of thirst negating to seek the true source Wondering why we were subjected to hell’s course Living a wretched life with no signs of remorse Pedal to the metal, full throttle, maximum force...
  16. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : waiting for Adam

    Before my Adam is awaken to find me I must fall back in love with the Almighty For I allowed thirst to persuade me to drift Causing my mind, body & soul to steadily rift My mind held hostage in a mental tug of war My flesh conveying it’s appetite to wander afar Whereas my soul cried stop the...
  17. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : untitled

    I’ve cried pools of tears to every sad song Waded in misery that streamed rivers long So long that it made me have to grow strong Wary of retreating back to those avenues of wrong Just the way you’ve approach reveals your intentions And the moment has passed for those predilections For in...
  18. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : I envision you

    I envision you absolute without a parachute I envision you brazenly bold without a hold I envision you complete without tinge of defeat I envision you dangerously virile without peril I envision you effective without the collective I envision you fervently thriving without diving I...
  19. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : ride the waves

    I used to have rainbow and unicorn dreams But somewhere along the way i lost the fantasy Had to wakeup and put away fairytale endings Yet i am loving you with all i got in this hour Caprie diem and seizing every little moment Forever would be nice but it's not a necessity No time for the...
  20. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : Deep Like

    Emotions scattered all over the place Usually I put pen to paper to dicpher But this time it's to hard to begin the trace Feeling like I am going 90 mi/hr without a driver Butterflies in the stomach like that first crush Wanting to scream it all from the Mountain top Yet to nervous to move...