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    African American History Culture : Peter Tosh Documentary: Stepping Razor, Red X

    I saw this documentary many years ago. And I really feel it gave me a lot of insight into the economic and cultural conditions under which my parents came came up. It's an insightful look at a Black visionary, and true to the bone Pan Africanist. From IMDB: On a fall night in 1987, three men...
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    Nigeria : Nigerian Billionare: The Real Golden Child

    I thought this was a great video as it demonstrates the business success that's happening right now in Africa.
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    Black People Politics : "Slave Revolt Radio" Archives

    Slave Revolt Radio was an incredible pirate radio series dealing with politics, race, economic justice, and most importantly, challenged many intellectual fallacies that are used as the basis of Western societies. It is required listening for those needing to strengthen their intellectual...
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    Black Money Business Jobs : African Business Leadership

    Hey Destee, thanks for the warm welcome, lol !! Just doing my part :)
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    Black Money Business Jobs : African Business Leadership

    Saw this interesting video about an African Business Leadership awards, based in South Africa. Apparently it's the only one of it's kind on the continent, and is meant to project Africa and African leadership to the world (link). The problem for me is, the founder and current proprietor is...
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    Law Forum : Police Experiences

    I was interested, recently, to read this recent New York Times article about being young, black and frisked by the police. I live in Toronto, Canada, and a very similar article and subject matter was printed in the Toronto Star. What was frightening and revealing to me, was the level of soft...
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    Ethiopia : Kebra Nagast (Ethiopian Orthodox Texts) has an updated new French translation

    When you say Jesus, is he the same person when you say "heru" or "menelik". This statement tells me that Menelik is a different person from Jesus. So where did Menelik come from? Now, regarding the part where the Eunichs take Menelik and the Ark back to Ethiopia (or Egypt). Is this the...
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    Ethiopia : Kebra Nagast (Ethiopian Orthodox Texts) has an updated new French translation

    Ethiopia: Queen of Sheba, Now Available in French This is a piece about the sacred text, the "Kebra Nagast", in Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity. It shows a different side of Christianity that was apparently ignored by Catholic church when putting together their Bible. The text's relevance to...
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    Ethiopia : Eleni Gabre-Madhin: Building a commodities market in Ethiopia

    Eleni Gabre-Madhin: Building a commodities market in Ethiopia
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    Science and Technology : African fractals, in buildings and braids

    ""I am a mathematician, and I would like to stand on your roof." This is how Ron Eglash greeted many African families while researching the intriguing fractal patterns he noticed in villages across the continent. He talks about his work exploring the rigorous fractal math underpinning African...
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    Black People : Megacity-Lagos

    I was almost turned off by the White reporter and film crew but I had to check myself. This is a short doc of Lagos and it's growing significance in Africa and the world. It is apparently the world's largest growing megacity. Megacity-Lagos
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    Ethiopia : Separating Ethiopian Jews at Israeli Religious Schools

    I'm always dismayed that this kind of thing still happens. Haaretz compares it to the segregated American South. Yikes.
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    Black People : $100 Laptop Spotted

    I've put this on my blog, but I thought the spotting of a $100 laptop was cool enough to post here. The One Laptop Per Child project is currently being tested in various countries including a school in rural Nigeria.
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    Science and Technology : Black Nerds Rising

    I know what you mean, but I want to spend my time creating things. We all know the problems in our community, and if we don't it's our responsibility to get educated. But at a certain point, you have to do something about it. So setting up information networks is something I keep on bringing up...
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    Ghana : Coming Home to Ghana

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    Science and Technology : Black Nerds Rising

    Hey Dustyelbow, I hear where you're coming from. But at the end of the day we have to look to ourselves for strength and redemption. Coming together - how important is that. Yes the man has taken control of media and information systems. But technology and society, Western and global, have...
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    Science and Technology : Black Nerds Rising

    Hey Dustyelbow, Yes, you definitely need the time to enjoy all of these technological toys. In fact it's a modern paradox that with all of the industrial and information "progress" made (airplanes, consumer products, internet, etc), the average American has less free time and less income...
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    Science and Technology : Black Nerds Rising

    I agree with your sociological points, but technology is all around us and can't be ignored. It's like the French constantly trying to guard against the constant information that the internet brings because most of it is in English. They can't stop it and neither can we. A Black nerd doesn't...
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    Black People : Meanings Of Authentic African

    "What African Means", Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie This is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speaking at the Christopher Okigbo International Conference about subjects which include ideas of authenticity, Afrofashion, etc.
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    Africa : Africa Waiting for Internet Revolution

    Hey Destee. I've tried renting apartments and getting loans online and I have experienced a disproportionate number of African scammers. That unfortunate, but there's efforts to improve connectivity on the African continent. Check out Connect Africa, a two-day summit held in Rwanda trying to...